Table 12.  Monthly data needed on aquacultural producers
Production information
  • Facility identification
  • Total number of production workers
  • Total number of support staff
  • Type of input product (eggs, larvae, fry, juveniles, smolts, seed, etc.) and origin
  • Description of products
  • Quantity, value, and destination of output product sold per month by product type
  • Quantity, value, and final product type inventoried (kept in its aquacultural site) per month by product type
  • Quantity and value of product exported per month by product type
  • Capacity measurement per month (percent utilization of facility)
  • Pounds of feed used per month
  • Quantity and value of product lost in mortality per month by product type by type of loss (e.g., poaching, weather, disease, predation)

Variable costs

  • Income taxes (state and federal)
  • Labor (number of full- and part-time employees and cost)
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Input to production (egg, smolt, seed, post-larvae, etc.)
  • Feed (quantity and costs)
  • Heating
  • Disease prevention and control
  • Fuel
  • Handling expenses (ice, refrigeration, etc.)
  • Customs if export
  • Equipment rental

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