Woods Hole Science Aquarium: COLLECTING WALKS

Animals waiting to be identified
The aquarium offers public collecting walks at local beaches periodically during the summer. WHSA aquarists and interns serve as naturalists on the walks, teaching about life in salt marshes, demonstrating how to collect animals, and identifying the catch. Sometimes we bring animals back to the aquarium to add to our collection. More often we observe the animals briefly and then release them.  

The aquarium staff provides nets, buckets, coolers, animal expertise, directions to the day’s collecting site and one-time parking passes. Our guests provide their own transportation, bathing suits, water shoes, towel and sunscreen.

Reservations may be made in person only at the front desk, but they can be made anytime before the walk.

Schedule for 2018 Collecting Walks

Monday, July 23 11:30 Meet Up
Walk at noon
Tuesday, July 24 Noon Meet Up
Walk at 12:30 PM
Monday, July 30 1 PM Meet Up
Walk at 1:30 PM
Tuesday, July 31 2 PM Meet Up
Walk at 2:30 PM
Wednesday, August 1 3 PM Meet Up
Walk at 3:30 PM

did you know
Whale sharks are the world's largest living fish, andit is estimated that they can reach 18 metre length.

See photos of our staff and volunteers as we collect specimens on collecting walks.


Discussing green crabs
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