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Drawing pictures of seals
The activity sheets on this site were developed by the aquarium staff and interns for groups visiting the aquarium. If you use the activity sheets, we would like to hear from you: Were the sheets useful? Too hard? Too easy? Were there questions you couldn’t answer? Email us your thoughts!

NOTE: To view the answer sheets, send us an e-mail to get the password or ask the staff when you visit.

Activity Sheets

 Thinking about Animal Adaptations (elementary) | ANSWERS
 Thinking about Animal Adaptations (upper middle/high) | ANSWERS
 Endangered Species Worksheet (elementary) | ANSWERS
 Scavenger Hunt (2-sided; upper elementary/middle) | ANSWERS
 Scavenger Hunt (1-sided; elementary) | ANSWERS
 Scavenger Hunt (with photos; lower elementary)
 There's a Lot to Learn (upper middle/high) | ANSWERS

did you know
Starfish eject their stomachs and digest their prey outside of their bodies.

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