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John Rosendale

John Rosendale

Marine Biological Laboratory Technician; NEFSC Staff Advisory Council Co-Chair

Expertise: Participates and performs all duties related to live fish in laboratory experiments. This includes but is not limited to: setting up experimental animal holding aquaria, acquisition of multiple size classes of local live fish species for experiments via historical and experimental methods, animal husbandry, investigation and solution development of agency/council requests related to fisheries information gaps, predator/prey relationships, prey choice experiments, analysis of spawning behavior of Mid Atlantic Bight species, gastric evacuation and digestion, and fish tagging(acoustic and external). Additional expertise lies in YOY(young of the year) fish identification, annual participation in numerous NEFSC survey methods including: mid-water and bottom trawls, ichthyoplankton collection and identification, side scan/multi-beam sonar, animal/sediment sample collection using various bottom grab devices.

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