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Contact Information

NEFSC James J. Howard
Marine Sciences Laboratory
74 Magruder Road, Sandy Hook
Highlands, NJ 07732
(732) 872-3000

Sandy Hook Lab: R/V Nauvoo

NOAA F-4902

NAUVOO brochure (PDF)

Contact: Officer in Charge: Peter Plantamura
Phone: 732-872-3095 or cell#: 908-433-3581

Research Vessel Nauvoo

The NOAA Research Vessel NAUVOO is owned and operated by NOAA's Fisheries Service and homeported at the James J. Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory of Highlands, New Jersey. The vessel was acquired from the U.S. Coast Guard in 2002 and converted from a 49 foot BUSL Buoy Tender to an inshore, fisheries and oceanographic research platform. Why NAUVOO? Nauvoo, NJ was a local fishing village in the mid 1800's. For more information see Borough of Sea Bright, NJ under History.

The vessel is fully-equipped to operate up to 20 nautical miles off-shore and typically carries out the following operations:

  • Deployment and recovery of oceanographic buoys and moorings
  • Trawling, Dredging, and Deployment of Fixed Gear to support near coastal fisheries research and stock assessment
  • Collection of Plankton using surface and mid-water gear
  • Scientific Diving Operations
  • Collection of Sediment Cores using Benthic Grabs and Gravity Corers
  • Deployment of Hydrographic Survey Equipment
  • Water Quality Sampling and Monitoring

In addition to supporting the missions of NOAA Fisheries, the NAUVOO can perform services for various federal, state and local agencies, schools and others with coastal research and management interests.

  • Length Over All: 49.6 feet
  • Beam: 16.8 feet
  • Draft: 5.6 feet
  • Displacement: 35.57 Long-Tons
  • Maximum Speed: 11 Knots
  • Service Speed: 10 Knots
  • Range (at 10 knots): 300 Nautical Miles
  • Endurance: 4 Days
  • Embarked Personnel: Officer, 1 Crew, 6 Scientists and Passengers
  • Propulsion: Twin 8V-71 Detroit Diesel Engines @ 305 HP Each
  • Power: 22kW, 120/240 60 Hertz, 120 Amps
  • Anchor Windlass: Vetus Den Ouden Alexander III
  • Main Trawl Winches
    • Two Pullmaster H12 Winches
    • Wire Capacity: (1/4-inch Wire Rope) 2237 feet; (1/2-inch Wire Rope) 636 feet
    • Free spool equipment and brake controls installed
  • A-Frame Cargo Winches
    • Two Pullmaster KPL8 Winches
    • Wire Capacity: (1/4-inch Wire Rope) 684 feet
  • A-Frame
    • Height - 18 feet 1-1/16 inch x Width - 12 feet
    • Safe Working Load of 4500 pounds
  • Net Reel
    • Aluminum Net Reel with Direct Drive Motor
    • Dimensions: Width - 6 feet x Flange Diameter - 3 feet
  • Deck Area
    • 225 square-feet
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