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Contact Information

NEFSC James J. Howard
Marine Sciences Laboratory
74 Magruder Road, Sandy Hook
Highlands, NJ 07732
(732) 872-3000

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  • For a 2-page synopsis of GOMMI in pdf format, click here.
  • From the Gulf of Maine Council (GOMC):Science translation report (PDF format) on seafloor mapping

Project Description

New technologies provide the capability to accurately and cost effectively image large areas of the nearshore and offshore seabed. This imagery provides maps of sea floor topography and reflectivity, from which targeted surveys can be planned to characterize sea floor sediments and associated benthic communities. This information can be extremely useful as a tool for marine resource management and as a basis for formulating hypothesis-driven research. Visit the GOMMI Web site for full details.

Figure from Geological Survey of Canada

Mapping Resources

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