Milford Staff Page
Steven Pitchford

Steven Pitchford


  • M.S. Biology, Southern Connecticut State University, 1996
  • B.S. Biology, University of Maine at Orono, 1985

Professional History

Activities include research in the fields of microbiology, molecular biology and flow cytometry. Recent work includes studies on the geographical distribution of genetic virulence in the human pathogenic bacteria Vibrio vulnificus from eastern oysters. To gain a better understanding of an important predator prey relationship, the stomach contents of spiny dogfish were examined using a highly specific molecular probe to detect the well digested remains of Atlantic cod. Presently, we are studying the depuration of viruses by pre-market size blue mussels using both traditional methods and also flow cytometry. Ultimately, we hope to provide some input into the feasibility of expanding the areas that are available to mussel farmers for seed collection.

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