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Lisa Mllke
Lisa Milke

Dr. Lisa M. Milke

Chief, Aquaculture Systems and Ecology Branch


Professional History

Lisa is a shellfish biologist with expertise in feeding physiology and nutrition. During her graduate work, she investigated both fundamental and applied research questions such as: how do oysters and mussels transport particles on their gills? And, what can you feed scallops in a hatchery to make them grow faster and survive better? She joined the Milford Laboratory in 2005 as a research fishery biologist and put her expertise to use answering questions related to shellfish aquaculture and ocean acidification. She enjoys working in collaboration with other researchers; recent partners have included Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Stony Brook University in addition to those within the Northeast Fisheries Science Center.

Lisa became Chief of the Aquaculture Systems and Ecology Branch in 2016. She currently leads a team of scientists conducting research to improve our understanding of the ecology of estuarine, coastal and offshore waters, and evaluating the interactions between these habitats and aquaculture practices.  She is also the organizer of the Milford Aquaculture Seminar, a forum for technology transfer among NOAA Fisheries scientists, aquaculture professionals, the academic community, regulators and the public convened every January. Lisa was recognized with the NOAA Fisheries Employee of the Year Award in 2015 and the NOAA Bronze Medal in 2017 for participation in a collaborative project assessing the vulnerability of fisheries to climate change in the Northeast.