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Yaqin Li
Judy Yaqin Li

Dr. Judy Yaqin Li*

Research Ecologist

(*AKA Yaqin Li in publications, Judy Yaqin Li May in NOAA directory)


Professional History

Judy is interested in coastal ecology, phytoplankton dynamics and interactions between bivalve shellfish aquaculture and its environmental. Working with her colleagues in the Milford Laboratory, her research examines the variability in coastal environments on various time scales and how such variability affects shellfish in nature and vice versa. She uses tools such as long term unattended measurements, flow-cytometry, phytoplankton variable fluorescence, HPLC pigments for phytoplankton taxonomic classification and SELDI proteomic technique in her research. Recently she and her colleagues finished a number of projects quantifying the interaction of an oyster nursery system and its embayment in Riverhead, Long Island. Her current projects on improving measurements of phytoplankton biomass and productivity will benefit shellfish site selection and coastal environment management:

In addition, Judy is working with a team from Milford Laboratory and Maine Field Station on a Atlantic salmon protection and recovery project, specifically focusing on biological and chemical environments of Penebscot Estuary where hatchery reared juvenile salmons are released to the sea.