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Milford Lab: Current Research

The prime mandates of the National Marine Fisheries Service are to manage and conserve the living resources of the sea and to ensure their renewability for the future. Although the approach to meeting these goals has changed considerably over the years, the Milford Laboratory has made strong positive contributions to these objectives throughout its long history.

Present research at the Milford Laboratory emphasizes aquaculture and habitat-related work.  Our well integrated aquaculture research program includes studies of culture methodologies and development of biotechnological techniques to enhance methods suitable for commercial use, stock enhancement and restoration. Habitat related work is being conducted to determine the interactions between aquaculture practices and the environment as well as to determine what characteristics make a habitat suitable for a particular species of environmental or commercial importance.

The versatility of both the facility and the staff at the Milford Laboratory make this unique blend of research possible.  The scientists are trained in a wide variety of disciplines, including chemistry, ecology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, bacteriology, algology, and pathology. This makes it possible to approach a particular problem from several directions.

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