Northeast Fisheries Science Center Libraries

Lional A. Walford Library

Walford Library

When our libraries began...

1871 - Woods Hole Laboratory Library, MA
by Spencer Fullerton Baird, Director,
US Commission of Fish and Fisheries

1933 - Dr. James E. Hanks Memorial
           Research Library & Conference Room, CT
by Dr. Victor L. Loosanoff, US Bureau of Fisheries

1961 - Lionel A. Walford Library, NJ
by Lionel A. Walford, Director, US Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Atlantic Game Fish Laboratory

1966 - Narragansett Laboratory Reading Room, RI
by John G. Casey, Director, US Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Marine Game Fish Laboratory

Who the libraries serve...

We support scientific research at our 5 laboratories, libraries worldwide and the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office, (GARFO), MA

Materials are only loaned to staff and other libraries.

What our research collections cover...

Aquaculture -- Biochemistry -- Fisheries Science & Management

Marine Biology -- Marine Ecosystems -- Oceanography

Population Dynamics -- Protected Species -- Statistics -- Zoology

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