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Discard Estimation Methodology Review

The Northeast Fisheries Science Center and Northeast Regional Office are developing a new method for estimating in-season discards. The method moves away from the current 35-day rolling average to a simple, robust, and unbiased way of calculating discards and also, importantly, minimizes the difference between the quota monitoring method and the estimate used in assessments.

Since the methodology will impact the process used for estimating in-season rates for New England and the Mid-Atlantic fisheries, it is important that the methodology undergo a peer review.

This review was conducted online via WebEx on Monday, 22 February 2010, from 1:30 to 5:30pm.

Review Panel

Robert O'Boyle - Beta Scientific Consulting, Inc, NEFMC SSC Member - Report
Vincent Gallucci - University of Washington
James Bence - Michigan State University - Report

  • Terms of Reference
  • Agenda
  • Working Papers
    • WP#1: Susan Wigley (NEFSC), Methods To Determine Discards From Observed Trips, 18pg
    • WP#2: Paul Nitschke (NEFSC), Estimating in-season discards from the Northeast United States groundfish fishery: Discard Estimator Performance Simulation Study (Part I), 45pg
    • WP#3: Michael Palmer (NEFSC), Estimating in-season discards from the Northeast United States groundfish fishery: an investigation of the separate ratio method (Part II), 43pg (updated Februrary 17, 2010)
    • WP #4: Fishery Statistics Office (NERO), Review of the Coefficient of Variation (CV) for the Moving Average Discard Estimation Methodology, 6pg
    • WP#5: Fishery Statistics Office (NERO), Transition Discard Rate Methodology Summary, 5pg
    • WP#5b: Michael Lanning (NERO), Transition Discard Adaptive Alpha Method, 7pg
    • WP#6: Susan Wigley (NEFSC), Assumed discard rate analysis, 34pg
    • Michael Palmer (NEFSC), A Standard Method to Apportion Groundfish Catch to Stock Area for the Purpose of Real Time Quota Monitoring under Amendment 16, 37pg (updated Februrary 17, 2010)
  • Presentations
  • Meeting Participants
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