training on gear characteristics of the Ruhle Trawl using a scaled-down model and expert gear engineer Training on gear characteristics of the Ruhle trawl using a scaled-down model and expert gear engineer. Credit: NE Observer Program, NEFSC / NOAA

Training and Manuals

Program Manuals

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) Fisheries Sampling Branch (FSB) collects, maintains, and distributes data for scientific and management purposes in the Northwest Atlantic. FSB manages three separate but related observer programs: the Northeast Fisheries Observer Program (NEFOP), the At Sea Monitoring (ASM) Program, and the Industry Funded Scallop (IFS) Program. Detailed information regarding all data collected by FSB Observer Programs can be found in the three observer program manuals; the Operations Manual, the Data Entry Manual, and the On Deck Reference Guide. Below is a description of the information specific to each manual and a link to the electronic version of the manuals.

Annual Training Schedule

The FSB schedules multiple certification and re-certification trainings and refresher classes, depending on needs and resources available.  This annual schedule is a best estimate but may change throughout the year.  For additional information about training, please contact Tania Lewandowski (508-495-2264).

Archived Training Schedules

General Training Information and Materials

Included below are informational materials and resources in preparation for training. Information includes an overview of training topics, lists of species observers are tested on, photoguide to commercially encountered marine fishes, and a pre-test mathematical assessment example.

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  • Northeast Fisheries Observers
  • At-Sea Monitoring
  • Industry-Funded Scallop
Industry-Funded Scallop (IFS) Observer Training Documents

Industry-Funded Scallop Training Agendas

Industry-Funded Scallop Monitoring References
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