FSB Staff Directory

Abney, Kathy
Management Support Assistant
Management Support Assistant, FTE
508-495-2338 katherine.abney@noaa.gov Administrative support for FSB
Blanc, Russ Web Developer Web Developer 508-495-2141 russell.blanc@noaa.gov Web developer
Bluemel, Lacey Industry Funded Scallop Assistant Biologist 508-495-2188
Extended Hours
(508) 560-3550
lacey.bluemel@noaa.gov Scallop VCIC; Industry Funded Scallop Program; Species Verification Program
Borgese, JeanneMarie Data Entry Data Entry  508-495-2329 jeannemarie.borgese@noaa.gov NEFOP and IFS data entry
Casey, Jennifer
Data Debriefer
Data Debriefer 
Data editing (including NEFOP, IFS and ASM)
Chamberlain, Glenn Northeast Area Lead Assistant Biologist 508-495-2153 glenn.chamberlain@noaa.gov Data quality, training, and sampling design for high volume Atl. herring and mackerel fisheries and all pot and trap fisheries. Program outreach and seaday accomplishments
Chidsey, Ricky Data Debriefer Data Debriefer 508-495-2027 richard.chidsey@noaa.gov
Data editing (including NEFOP, IFS and ASM)
Church, Ben Data Debriefer Data Debriefer 508-495-2055 benjamin.church@noaa.gov
Data editing (including NEFOP, IFS and ASM); shark identification; Individual Animal Log training
Cierpich, Sarah Pre-Trip Notification System Coordinator Biologist 508-495-2309
Extended Hours
(508) 681-9104
sarah.cierpich@noaa.gov Groundfish and pre-trip call-in coordinator; PTNS monitoring, maintenance and reporting
Collins, Randy Data Debriefer Data Debriefer 509-495-2151 randy.collins@noaa.gov
Data editing (including NEFOP, IFS and ASM)
Cowan, Diana Training Coordinator Biologist 508-495-2283 Extended Hours
(774) 392-5261
diana.cowan@noaa.gov Develops, coordinates, executes trainings; NEFOP and ASM training
DesMeules, Stewart Data Debriefer Data Debriefer 508-495-2131 stewart.desmeules@noaa.gov
Data editing (including NEFOP, IFS and ASM)
Dodge, Cate
Facility/Security Support
Security support, courier, GOV fleet management, visitor assistance, facility questions and emergency preparedness contact
Duarte, Debra Data Quality Lead Fishery Biologist, FTE 508-495-2304 debra.duarte@noaa.gov
Pre- and post-load data quality; electronic editing tool; printing; manual changes; PRA; internal website; observer evaluations
Dunlap, Charles Technology Integration Support Specialist Biologist 508-495-2035 charles.dunlap@noaa.gov Electronic data collection technology support
Early, Greg Data Debriefer Data Debriefer 508-495-2156 greg.early@noaa.gov
Data editing (including NEFOP, IFS and ASM)
Endres, Corey EM Support Biologist 508-495-2292 corinne.endres@noaa.gov
Sea day accomplishments, NEFOP reports, electronic monitoring (EM) support
Finnegan, James Android Programmer IT 508-495-2132 james.finnegan@noaa.gov Android Programmer
Gibbons, Kara
Mid-Atlantic Area Lead Assistant
Biologist 508-495-2154
Extended Hours
(508) 274-4859
Mid-Atlantic fisheries effort monitoring; safety checklist; safety training
Griffin, Ashley Data Debriefer Data Debriefer  508-495-2383 ashley.e.griffin@noaa.gov Data editing (including NEFOP, IFS and ASM)
Gustafson, Kristy Northeast Area Lead Assistant Biologist 508-495-2002 Extended Hours
(774) 392-2735
kristen.gustafson@noaa.gov Assist NE Area Leads with Atl. Herring issues (Amend. 5); gear standardization, inspection, outreach, training, Mid-Atlantic Area outreach and program development; seaday schedule accomplishments and tracking
Harner, Bridget Data Debriefer Data Debriefer  508-495-2331 bridget.harner@noaa.gov Data editing (including NEFOP, IFS and ASM)
Heinichen, Maggie Pre-Trip Notification System Coordinator Biologist 508-495-2356 margaret.heinichen@noaa.gov Groundfish and pre-trip call-in coordinator; PTNS monitoring, maintenance and reporting
Janda, Diana Trainer Trainer  508-495-2221 diana.janda@noaa.gov  NEFOP, IFS, ASM training, scallop gear lead
Jones, Andrew (Andy) Data Analyst Data Analyst 508-495-2146 andrew.jones@noaa.gov Produces data products and reports that summarize fisheries data. Supports the development of Electronic Monitoring (EM), improves Pre-trip Notification System, evaluates achievements related to seaday scheduling
Jurek, Joe Fishery Liaison  Program Analyst               (978) 407-3652   Provide support to observer program during training and port orientations; relay industry concerns that the program should address
Keene, Ken Mid-Atlantic Area Lead Research Fishery Biologist FTE
(732) 872-3070
WC (774) 392-7606
kenneth.keene@noaa.gov Research Mid-Atlantic fisheries; observer safety lead; alternative platform program.
Keith, Charles Industry Funded Scallop Lead Fishery Biologist, FTE 508-495-2067 charles.keith@noaa.gov Data reporting, data analysis, Lead on Industry Funded Scallop Program, biological sampling requests, outreach
Kellogg, Loren Species Verification Lead Biologist  508-495-2159 loren.kellogg@noaa.gov Fish ID verification and sector developments
Ketch, Kristofer (Kristof) Data Debriefer Data Debriefer 508-495-2397 kristofer.ketch@noaa.gov Data editing (including NEFOP, IFS and ASM)
Kitts, Cheryl Communications Specialist
Program Analyst               
508-495-2388 cheryl.kitts@noaa.gov Develop outreach materials, responds to action items and emergency preparedness for NEFOP.
Kupcha, Erin Electronic Data Collection Fishery Biologist, FTE 508-495-2031
Extended Hours
(508) 367-8256
erin.kupcha@noaa.gov Electronic data collection lead; technology support; scanning (paper log archiving)
LaForge, Steven
Data Auditor
508-495-2157 steven.laforge@noaa.gov Performs audits on data for data quality
Le, Thao Data Debriefer Data Debriefer  508-495-2303 thao.le@noaa.gov Data editing (including NEFOP, IFS and ASM)
Lewandowski, Tania Training Lead Fishery Biologist, FTE 508-495-2264
WC (508) 642-6006
tania.lewandowski@noaa.gov Lead for NEFOP & IFS training program implementation  & development; educational outreach, FSB Coral Program Lead
Liebert, Tom Web Developer Web Developer 508-495-2351 thomas.liebert@noaa.gov Assists with the technical aspect of the Pre-trip Notification System and Electronic Monitoring.  Designs and develops products to support PTNS and EM Monitoring
Lovering, Jeanne Data Entry Data Entry 508-495-2127 jeanne.lovering@noaa.gov
NEFOP and IFS data entry
Martins, Amy  Branch Chief  Supervisory Fishery Biologist, FTE  508-495-2266
WC (508) 989-5319
amy.martins@noaa.gov  Responsible for the management of the Fisheries Sampling Branch, NEFOP, ASM, and IFS (recruitment, contracts, procurement, budget, action items; seaday schedules; inquiries/complaints/requests)
McArdle, Katherine
Groundfish & ASM Lead
Fishery Biologist, FTE 508-495-2377
WC (774) 392-5308
Groundfish fishery and ASM lead; Security Enrollment Official; Trusted Agent CACs
McGinn, Patricia Post Data Quality & Reports
Data Debriefer 
508-495-2028 patricia.mcginn@noaa.gov Post-load data quality; data request tracking; PTNS support; Haddock Catch Cap Monitoring Support
Mello, Joe Data Processing Lead Fishery Biologist, FTE 508-495-2110
WC (508) 989-5318
joe.mello@noaa.gov Data processing coordination; COTR duties for labor contracts; species verification of sharks
O'Connell, Jennifer Supervisory, Program & Management Analyst Supervisory, Program & Management Analyst, FTE 508-495-
WC (774) 392-7603
jennifer.o'connell@noaa.gov Assists FSB with contracts, procurement, property custody, facility/security/GSA fleet upkeep, budget projections/analysis, milestones, strategic planning and branch performance and quality metrics.
Ouellette, Liz Data Auditor Biologist 508-495-2135 elizabeth.ouellette@noaa.gov Performs audits on data for data quality
Pedersen, Johanna Incidental Take Lead Biologist  508-495-2126 johanna.pedersen@noaa.gov  Incidental take editing; protected species samples and species verification
Petrus, Stephanie Incidental Take Lead Biologist 508-495-2005
Extended Hours
(508) 566-6071
stephanie.petrus@noaa.gov Incidental take editing; protected species samples and species verification
Plourde, Meghan
Data Debriefer
Data Debriefer
508-495-2158 meghan.plourde@noaa.gov
Data editing (including NEFOP, IFS and ASM)
Post, Charles (Alex) Trainer Trainer  508-495-2261 charles.post@noaa.gov NEFOP, IFS, ASM, Safety training
Potter, Justin EM Support Biologist  508-495-2152 justin.potter@noaa.gov
Sea day accomplishments, NEFOP reports, electronic monitoring (EM) support
Rand, Wesley
Data Debriefer
Data Debriefer
508-495-2148 wesley.rand@noaa.gov
Data editing (including NEFOP, IFS and ASM)
Rhyner, Jennifer Data Debriefer Data Debriefer 508-495-2212 jennifer.rhyner@noaa.gov
Data editing (including NEFOP, IFS and ASM)
Roach, Maria Scanning Project Technician 508-495-2385 maria.roach@noaa.gov Document archive and scanning specialist
Rossi, Nichole (Niki) EMS Lead, NEFOP COTR Fishery Biologist, FTE 508-495-2128
WC (508) 642-6001
nichole.rossi@noaa.gov Project Lead for Electronic Monitoring System Pilot; website updates; data requests and corrections, NEFOP COTR
Savage, Charlotte Data Entry Data Entry 508-495-2134 charlotte.savage@noaa.gov
NEFOP and IFS data entry
Shield, Gina Database Lead Fishery Biologist, FTE 508-495-2139
WC (508) 566-5988
gina.shield@noaa.gov Database maintenance; data request coordination & data confidentiality; PTNS; seabird specialist
Staples, Tyler Industry Funded Scallop Assistant Biologist 508-495-2129 tyler.staples@noaa.gov Industry outreach; alternate IFS VCIC; data quality, observer gear
Traverse-Taylor, Ashley Trip Accounting
508-495-2321 ashley.traverse-taylor@noaa.gov 
Account for and check in trip data; inventory and dispense observer gear and supplies
Weeks, Sara Northeast Area Lead Fishery Biologist, FTE 508-495-2227
WC (508) 642-6005
sara.weeks@noaa.gov Research Northeast fisheries; Herring PDT support; monitor seadays; outreach; new gear technology
Westell, Amy Data Auditor Biologist 508-495-2099 amy.westell@noaa.gov Performs audits on data for data quality
Westell, Brian
Data Debriefer
Data Debriefer
508-495-2274 brian.westell@noaa.gov Data editing; age sample freezer coordinator
Wilson, Jacob (Jack) Trainer Trainer 508-495-2189 jacob.wilson@noaa.gov NEFOP, IFS, ASM training, gillnet gear lead
Zygmunt, Alex Trainer Trainer  508-495-2075 alexander.zygmunt@noaa.gov NEFOP, IFS, ASM training, trawl gear lead, secondary freezer contact


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