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Observing on a typical Multispecies Groundfish bottom otter trawl trip targeting skate Observing on a typical Multispecies Groundfish bottom otter trawl trip targeting skate. Credit: NE Observer Program, NEFSC / NOAA

At-Sea Monitoring Program

Fishermen's Information

  • For multispecies trips, including monkfish, notify for a fishing trip 48 hours prior to planned sail date.

  • View your observer data electronically (for groundfish trips). Please have your permit and pin number available, as well as the pre-trip notification information.

At-Sea Monitoring Information

Amendment 16 to the Northeast (NE) Multispecies Fishery Management Plan (FMP) was developed by the New England Management Council (Council) as part of the biennial adjustment process established in the FMP to update status determination criteria for all NE multispecies (groundfish) stocks; adopt rebuilding programs for groundfish stocks newly classified as being overfished and subject to overfishing; and revise management measures necessary to end overfishing, rebuild overfished groundfish stocks, and mitigate the adverse economic impacts of increased effort controls. In addition, Amendment 16 would implement new requirements for establishing allowable biological catch (ABC), annual catch limits (ACLs), and accountability measures (AMs) for each stock managed by the FMP, pursuant to the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (Magnuson-Stevens Act), as revised. This action is necessary to address the results of the most recent stock assessment that indicates that several additional groundfish species are overfished and subject to overfishing and that stocks currently classified as being overfished require additional reductions in fishing mortality to rebuild by the end of the existing rebuilding periods.

The Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC), National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is required to collect scientific, management, regulatory compliance and economic data for fisheries by placing At-Sea Monitors aboard U.S. domestic fishing vessels participating in the groundfish multispecies Fisheries Management Plan. These data cannot be obtained at the dock or on Government research vessels. These data are needed for the management and monitoring of Annual Catch Limits and groundfish sectors.

Below is fishing year specific information related to the At-Sea Monitoring program.


Approved Groundfish At-Sea Monitor Service Providers for 2018

The service providers listed below have been approved to supply At-Sea Monitoring service for the 2017 fishing year. Independent third-party monitoring of sector at-sea catch is required under existing groundfish fishery regulations. The five service provider companies authorized include;

For more information on becoming an approved At-Sea Monitor provider please see here.

Reports and Monitoring

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