Populations and Ecosystems Monitoring and Analysis Division

Chief: Richard S. McBride, Ph.D.
Woods Hole and Narragansett Laboratories
(508) 495-2244

Figure (above): The cycles of feeding, growth, reproduction, and movements of coastal winter flounder (illustration inspired by original artwork of Susan Kaiser).

Population Biology Branch

The NEFSC's Population Biology Branch investigates and documents the biology and ecology of fishes in the western North Atlantic Ocean.

Our products and services focus on growth, reproduction, feeding, and movements of marine fishes.

The branch has programs in Woods Hole, MA (Fishery Biology Program, Food Web Dynamics Program) and Narragansett, RI (Apex Predators Program). To learn more about these programs, click on their links (below).

Fishery Biology Program

Fishery Biology Program
Eric Robillard, Program Leader

Apex Predators Program

Apex Predators Program
Nancy Kohler, PhD. Program Leader

Food Web Dynamics Program

Food Web Dynamics Program
Brian Smith, Program Leader

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