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The information provided at this site includes biological and oceanographic data collected from domestic (1948-1962) and foreign (1962-1975) research cruises and is divided into two main categories:

Prior to viewing scanned images, please read First Time User procedures and the Image Category Description document.

Support Documents

Master Cruise List: Provides summary information on all types of domestic and foreign cruises (1948-1975) conducted under various NEFSC research programs (note that only specific cruises from this list have been scanned).

NOAA Federal Geographic Data Committee Metadata: Describes general data parameters and keywords.

1948 Manual of Instructions for Scientists: Describes operational procedures while at sea

R/V Albatross III: Describes specifications of the vessel.

R/V Albatross III Research Program: Describes the objectives of the former Fish and Wildlife Service, North Atlantic Fisheries Investigation.

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