Volunteer Presentation

               The volunteer presentation is a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show.  If your computer has Microsoft PowerPoint, refer to 'Section 1' below. If your computer doesn't have Microsoft PowerPoint, see 'Section 2'.

Section 1

Right click on this link Volunteer Presentation

Choose 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As'

A 'Save As' window will appear.  Choose location (typically your Desktop) where you will be able to easily locate the saved file.

Locate the saved file called 'volunteer_slides.pps and left double click to start presentation.

Section 2

If you don't have Microsoft PowerPoint, you can download a free slideshow viewer by following the stops below. Once you have downloaded the file and run the install program, you can follow the steps outlined in 'Section 1'.

Left click on powervideomaker.exe

Left click on 'Save File' button.

Locate the saved 'powervideomaker.exe' file on your computer. (typically on your Desktop)

Left click on file

Follow the install setup

If you are having trouble viewing the Volunteer Presentation, you can contact Katie Sowers @ (508) 495-2342 or email her @ katherine.sowers@noaa.gov


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