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Advanced Sampling Technologies Research Group

open polygon mesh image with description

Fisheries Acoustics Award Winning1 Visualizations

Acoustical data are usually displayed as two-dimensional 'echograms' - vertical dimension through the water column, and time or distance along the horizontal axis. These echograms are used for viewing and evaluating the data. We have developed three-dimensional visualizations of multi-frequency acoustic data to view the data in geographical space from small to large spatial scales (3D Echograms). Acoustic data are commonly used to provide relative indices of species-specific abundance and biomass. In order to scale the relative indices to absolute estimates, we must incorporate a measure of the echo amplitude from an individual fish (3D Modeling). Fish are complicated acoustic scatterers by nature of their complex anatomy and behavior. We have developed three-dimensional visualizations of the fish body and swimbladder from x-ray and Computerized Tomography (CT) images (3D Computerized Tomography). These images are used in theoretical models to improve prediction of acoustic scattering over a wide range of frequencies and fish orientations. These visualizations include three-dimensional movies of acoustic survey data, internal anatomy of selected fish species, and predicted acoustical backscatter. Unless otherwise noted, all visualizations were coded completely in IDL (Interactive Data Language) by David F. Chevrier with the constant support of Dr. J. Michael Jech.

3D Echograms


September 4-10, 2003


September 18-25, 2003


September 30-October 2, 2003


October 3-10, 2003



September 18-26, 2002



September 18-22, 2001


September 18-22, 2001


September 23-27, 2001


October 3-7, 2001



September 11-16, 2000


September 18-23, 2000


September 24-29, 2000



September 25-28, 1999


October 5-14, 1999


3D Computerized Tomography

Alewife mesh with air bladder


3D Modeling

Ambit (Created by Rick Towler and Dr. J. Michael Jech)


1 FARG took home the “Best Visualization in Research” award at the NOAATech 2004 conference.

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