Instructions for Creating a Montage

This feature allows you to select up to 10 species to form a montage.

To select a species:
             1. Select portions of the species list by choosing [B-F], [G-O], etc.
             2. Click on the species name.
             3. "Clear screen" will change a given section of the page to white.
             4. To go back to species selection, click on the species image or
                  white space.
To view montage:
             5. Select File / Print Preview.
             6. Click on "Landscape."
             7. Adjust size if necessary.
To print montage: (procedure varies with browser)
             8. Select "As laid out on screen" if option available.
             9. Click print icon or button.
           10. Select printer.
           11. Select "As laid out on screen" if not done previously.
           12. Click Print or OK button.

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