Appendix II

Appendix II
Equipment and Supplies - Age Structure Examination

Leitz TP 300 Contour Projector     
Contour bench projector with 12" diameter screen  #900-377
20:1 objective magnification                      #851-515
50:1 objective magnification                      #851-516
  Available from local Leitz distributors.

Microfiche reader         #102568, ABR 914
Dual lens accessory       #123599
Lens                      #123645  or  #123462
  Available from:
     Bell & Howell Company
     45 4th Avenue
     Needham Heights, MA 02194

  Available from local Leica, Olympus or other distributors.

Kodak Photo-Flo 200 Solution
  Available from local photo supply stores.

Image Analysis Systems
We use Image-Pro software for our image analysis solutions.

     Media Cybernetics, Inc.
     4340 East-West Hwy, Suite 400
     Bethesda, MD

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