Results of all QA/QC Exercises
for Windowpane Flounder, Scophthalmus aquosus

Hippoglossoides platessoides

Initials for each age reader are given. All samples were collected by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC). Stock indicates which stock area samples were taken from, Georges Bank (GB) or Gulf of Maine (GOM); if not specified, samples were from both areas combined. In tests where agreement is below 90%, bias indicates either the P-value of a Bowker’s test or ‘n/s’ (test not significant at the α = 0.05 level).

Sample Source Stock Test TypeDate Completed Age Reader Number Aged Number Tested CV (%) Agreement (%) Bias
2014 & 2015 Autumn Surveys (201404 & 201504) GB Precision 9/2016 SJS 368 61 4.72 77.0 n/s
2004 & 2005 Autumn Surveys (200407 & 200510) GB Precision 11/2015 SJS 189 45 2.93 82.2 n/s

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(File Modified Oct. 14 2016)