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How many eggs do salmon have?

Generally from 2,500 to 7,000 depending on species and size of fish. The chinook salmon generally produces the most and largest eggs.

chinook salmonChinook

What are salmon fed in a hatchery?

Vitamin-rich, high-protein diets made up of dried meals from coarse fish, animal meat excess, plant meal and bone meal, or meal from calcium-rich shells.

How many of the young salmon released from hatcheries come back as adults?

Releases of large fingerlings usually result in returns of one to five percent.

Why are fishladders constructed?

A fishladder, or fishway, often used in salmon country, is constructed to provide for up-stream passage of fish over a dam or a natural barrier that might prevent or impede progress to spawning grounds.
fish ladder
Fish Ladder

Salmon image courtesy of "Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia, Office of Seafood and Office of Regulatory Affairs, Food and Drug Administration, 1993-1996."

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