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Gafftopsail Catfish
Gafftopsail Catfish
The two species of sea catfish caught in U.S. waters are edible. The gafftopsail catfish is considered more tasty than the smaller common sea catfish.

What is the fish listed as "scrod" in New England restaurants?

The name comes from a Middle Dutch word "schrode" meaning a strip or shred. In New England scrod may be immature cod or haddock weighing 11/2 to 21/2 pounds.

Sometimes the term is applied to cusk of about the same weight, or to pollock weighing 11/2 to 4 pounds.
When fishermen use the word, they are usually referring to gutted small haddock.

What are menhaden?

Menhaden are silvery, herring-like fish that travel in large schools along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts of the United States. Plankton-eaters, menhaden attain a weight of about three-quarters of a pound. menhaden
Atlantic Menhaden

Flesh is oily and considered inedible for humans. The fish are caught by purse-seine nets in shallow water and processed into oil for cosmetics and fish meal for animals, particularly for poultry. Menhaden support the largest fishery by volume and the eighth most profitable fishery in the United States.

Where are Atlantic menhaden spawned,
Where do they go after hatching?

Spawning is in the ocean. One important spawning site is at Onslow Bay, North Carolina. Some spawning takes place along the Atlantic coast from Massachusetts to Florida. The young menhaden first drifts with currents until it reaches an inlet, then works upstream to live for the summer near freshwater. In fall, schools move downstream to permanent ocean residence.


They subsist on zooplankton. Herring, which populate the oceans in enormous numbers, play an important role in the oceanic food chain in that they are primary converters of plankton. herring
Atlantic Herring

Herring form the food base for many larger species, and enormous quantities are taken commercially for fish meal, human food and bait.

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