NEFSC Ecosystems Surveys Branch

Cruise Results

The purpose of cruise results are to describe the purpose, methods used, personnel who participated, and a summary of the total number of samples collected for various government and university investigators during the Ecosystem Surveys Branch's seasonal bottom trawl, shrimp, surf clam and scallop resource cruises.

With the arrival of the research vessel Henry B. Bigelow in late 2007, the WBTS was merged with the Spring Bottom Trawl Survey and discontinued. Therefore, the last available WBTS cruise results are from 2007.

2001 WBTS Cruise 2002 WBTS Cruise 2003 WBTS Cruise
2004 WBTS Cruise 2005 WBTS Cruise 2006 WBTS Cruise

Currently, we perform the Surfclam and Ocean Quahog survey every 3 years.

2008 Clam Cruise 2011 Clam Cruise 2012 Clam Cruise
2013 Clam Cruise 2014 Clam Cruise 2015 Clam Cruise

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