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Advanced Sampling Technologies Research Group: Video

Underwater video operations are routinely conducted during NEFSC fisheries acoustic surveys to identify acoustic targets. The underwater video system is typically deployed by portable winch as the vessel drifts over backscattering layers. The system includes stereo video with attitude sensor that provides us with the ability to determine the in-situ 3-dimensional orientation of acoustical targets. The individual acoustic measurement of a given organism can vary by its orientation and behavior. Future research will apply this capability towards validating theoretical backscattering models for various species. Self-contained video systems have also been developed for attachment to our midwater trawl operations to examine gear selectivity.

Video Cruise Code Date Deployment # File Size File Type
Herring Nose Up Postion DE200109 9/10/01 207 2,486 KB MP4
Herring in Horizontal Position DE200109 9/10/01 207 2,198 KB MP4
Herring Spawning DE200109 10/10/01 212 2,765 KB MP4
Herring Spawning DE200109 10/10/01 212 1,628 KB MP4
Herring Nose Down Position DE200109 11/10/01 226 2,106 KB MP4
Herring Loosely Scattered DE200101 2/17/01 47 2,928 KB MP4
Herring Near Bottom DE200101 2/19/01 55 2,926 MP4
Herring Feeding DE199708 Fall 1997 2 2,918 KB MP4
Herring Feeding 2 DE199708 Fall 1997 2 2,907 KB MP4
Shark Feeding on Herring DE199708 Fall 1997 2 1,300 KB MP4
Shark DE199708 Fall 1997 9 1,308 KB MP4
Shark 2 DE199708 Fall 1997 9 1,308 KB MP4
Herring School DE199708 Fall 1997 9 2,915 KB MP4
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