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What's New with eMOLT Archives: 2004-2010

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December 2010

Temperature probes returned:
  • Arnie Gamage submits his 10th year off mid-coast Maine both at the surface and bottom
  • Peter Flanigan submits the beginning of his 7th winter off NH coast in 57 fathoms
  • Brian Mclain submits his 9th year off mid-coast Maine in both 45 fathoms and 40 fathoms
  • Ricky Alley submits his 7th year off Isleford Maine in 16 fathoms
  • Bruce Fernald submits his 7th year off Cranberry Island Maine in 30 fathoms (not as warm as 2006)
  • Thersese Sauvageau submits her 8th dataset from 15 fathoms off Beverly MA
  • Walter Day submits his 7th year off Vinalhaven Maine in 31 fathoms
  • Mike Faulkingham submits his 6th year off Winter Harbor Maine in 30 fathoms
  • Dave Casoni visits Woods Hole and submits data from a new 10 fathom site in Cape Cod Bay after having several years at 6 fathoms
  • Bill Doherty submits his 10th year outside Boston Harbor 10 fathoms and captured the turnover event
  • Phil Mason retires from eMOLT after several years at multiple sites
  • Kevin Squires (FSRS) records some extreme variation in 14 fathoms off Cape Breton
  • Rob Connelly also records some extreme variation at both 45 fathoms and 42 fathoms on the Southern New England Shelf
  • Sooky Sawyer returns to 29 fathoms off Gloucester after a 3 year hiatus

November 2010

  • eMOLT Newsletter mailed out in early December reminding active participants to mail in their probes and inviting them to get together in March 2011
  • Elliott Thomas continues to submit bottom temperature year-round at two sites (7 fa and 12 fa) off Portland Maine documenting 2010 being often warmest.
  • Billy Anderson continues to submit new surface and bottom data with each season at three sites (39, 42 and 47 fa) off Lubec Maine documenting 2010 being his warmest.

October 2010

  • Jeff Alberts documents 2010 bottom temp as being cold in the summer (capped) with peculiar 3-4 day oscillations on the oceanside of Cape Cod (Orleans, MA) in 17 fathoms.
  • Billy Souza documents 2010 bottom temp as being cold in the summer (capped) and then warm after the August northeaster on the oceanside of Cape Cod (Truro, MA) in 15 fathoms. He also recorded currents for a few weeks in October.
  • George Sprague documents 2010 as being his warmest year off Bucks Harbor Maine in 10 fathoms.
  • Alex Brown documents 2010 bottom temp as being cold in the summer (capped) and then warm after the August northeaster in Cape Cod Bay 10 fathoms and showed his highest catch just after the storm.
  • Pat White documents 2010 bottom temp as being warm especially after the August northeaster off York, Maine 7 fathoms. He also returned the first current meter data from the Fall 2010 deployment documenting a storm event that apparently flipped his trap.

September 2010

August 2010

July 2010

Billy Anderson returns some of his warmest surface temperature series from:

June 2010

  • Billy Anderson returns one of the warmest springtimes yet from his observations from 42 fathom and 39 fathom bottom-temperature off Lubec Maine

May 2010

Apr 2010

Mar 2010

  • Arnie Gamage records both surface and bottom off mid-coast Maine in 22 fathoms
  • Pat White records a warm year (in general) off York Maine in 7 fathoms
  • USCG Vessel Ida Lewis records temperatures off PTown in 20 fathoms on their navigation buoy 13265
  • Ricky Alley records a cold start, warm summer, and cold fall in 16 fathoms off mid-coast Maine in 2009
  • Bobby Martin records a colder than normal year (pending further documentation) on Stellwagen Bank (at RM02 in 12 fathoms) and keeps a probe in deep (35 fathoms) water all summer at site RM03
  • Rob Connelly records another year on the Southern New England Shelf (at OC01 in 42 fathoms)
  • Lucas Chioffi records another year of Wintertime bottom temps in 20 fathoms off Monhegan Island Maine
  • Brian McClain returns 7th year of data from 45 fathoms off mid-coast Maine
  • Peter Flanigan returns 4th year of data from 54 fathoms off NH

Feb 2010

  • Skip Ryan from the Mass Lobstermen Association reports temperatures from 8 fathoms off Boston Harbor and documents more large tidal variations.
  • Bobby Ingalls from the Maine Lobstermen Association reports 8th year of temperatures from 31 fathoms off Boston Harbor off Machias.
  • Pete Cheney reports 4th year of temperatures from 94 fathoms off Grand Manan, Nova Scotia.

Jan 2010

  • Brian McLain from the Maine Lobstermen Association reports temperatures from 40 fathoms off mid-coast Maine and submits catch data
  • George Stover from the Maine Lobstermen Association reports temperatures from 10 fathoms in Casco Bay documenting a cooling event in mid-July
  • Mike Marachetti from the Rhode Island Lobstermen Association reports temperatures from 24 fathoms on the Southern NE Shelf
  • Clayton Philbrook reports temperatures from the Gulf of Maine deep at both (79 meters) and (25 meters)
  • Jim Tripp reports temperatures from the Gulf of Maine deeper (115 meters)
  • Kevin Squires reports temperatures from the northern tip of Nova Scotia where they apparently have some large variations.
  • Billy Lister documents big tidal variations in 8 fathoms off Barnstable Harbor in Cape Cod Bay
  • Brian Cates returns 9th year of temperature from 45 fathoms off Cutler Maine
  • Norbert Lemieux returns 9th year of temperature from 50 fathoms off downeast Maine
  • Arnie Gamage returns 9th year of temperature from 22 fathoms off mid-coast Maine
  • John Peapody returns temperature from 53 fathoms west of Hudson Canyon
  • Alex Brown returns 9th year of temperature from 8 fathoms off Ptown MA and continues to provide good catch data.
  • Kurt Martin returns 4th year oftemperature from 9 fathoms off Chatham MA
  • Ross Richardson and his son Perry returns 3rd year oftemperature from 28 fathoms off east coast of Nova Scotia

Dec 2009

  • Billy Souza returns nineth year of temperature from 15 fathoms off Truro MA also documenting the unusual warming events in late June and July.
  • Mike Faulkingham returns fifth year of temperature from 30 fathoms off Winter Harbor and fall recordings from 40 fathoms
  • Kenny Weeks takes over for Kurt Oehme in 21 fathoms in Mass Bay documenting the unusual warming events especially in late June.
  • Bill Doherty returns another year of temperature from 10 fathoms off Boston Harbor also documenting the unusual warming events in late June, July, and September.
  • Therese Sauvageau returns another year of catch data from the North Shore in 8 fathoms supporting the notion of peaks AFTER that in temperature
  • John MelquistSr returns another year of catch data from off Matinicus in 27 fathoms supporting the notion of peaks BEFORE that in temperature
  • Bruce Fernald returns another year of temperatures from 30 fathoms Mt Desert Maine
  • Mark Wells returns another year of temperatures from two locations in 23 fathoms off Casco Bay
  • Dick Carver returns another year of temperatures from 8 fathoms off Pen Bay
  • Brad Parady returns another year of temperatures from 9 fathoms off Southern Maine
  • Ernie Pierce returns another year of temperatures from the shallows (1.5 fathoms) of Jordon Bay, Nova Scotia where there is big tides

Nov 2009

Oct 2009

Sept 2009

August 2009

July 2009

  • Billy Anderson documents warm waters in late June relative to his previous 10 years at 47 fathoms off Lubec Maine.
  • Lucas Chioffi returns 4th year of data from the off Mohegan Island, Maine in 20 fathoms of water.
  • Pete Cheney returns third year of data from the deep (95 fathom) waters of the Bay of Fundy.

June 2009

  • Billy Anderson continues to return both surface and bottom temperature from the big tides off Lubec Maine. He has documented 2009 as being cold to start but returning to normal by mid-year..

May 2009

  • Peter Flanigan adds more wintertime observations to his bottom temperature series in 54 Fathoms (~99 meters) off NH coast.
  • Elliott Thomas adds wintertime observations to his Casco Bay bottom temperature series
  • Bobby Martin visits Woods Hole and brings a couple temperature probes from Mass Bay deep water
  • Therese Sauvagneau returns her 9th bottom temperature series off the north shore of Boston and continues to document associated hauls (ie catch)
  • Bobby NuddJr off the coast of NH now has documented temperature vs lobster kept, vs lobster shorts, and vs # of eggers.

Apr 2009

  • Mish Michaels produces a short segment on eMOLT for WBZ news (28 Apr).
  • Bobby Nudd documents NH waters (120 feet) being fairly "normal" temperatures so far this year relative to his 8 years at that location.
  • Package mailed out to all participants with newsletter and reinitialized temperature probes (where needed)
  • Grant Edme, UMASS Boston student/lobsterman, submits his school project data (30,60, and 90 feet off Boston Harbor entrance) to eMOLT archive
  • Hank Soule et al from Shafmaster group document another relatively cold year in the very deep (>1000 feet) water of the Gulf of Maine
  • Skip O'leary now has both surface and bottom temp records from 7 locations off Rhode Island
  • Arnie Gamage now has both surface and bottom temp records from 8 years off mid-coast Maine
  • eMOLT main webpage gets its first renovation since it was first posted years ago thanks to Cape Cod Community College computer science student, Tanya Stoyanova
  • Lucas Chioffi returns more bottom temperature data from off Mohegan Island in 20 fathoms.
  • Norbert Lemieux documents relatively cold bottom temperatures from off Cutler Maine in 50 Fathoms.

Mar 2009

Feb 2009

  • Mike Marchetti from Rhode Island Lobstermen Association returns his 4th year from the Southern New england Shelf (24 fathoms)
  • Ralph Backman from the Downeast Lobstermen Association returns his 5th year from the deep (50 fathoms) off Jonesport Maine
  • Clayton Philbrook from the Maine Lobstermen Association returns his 4th year from the deep (43 fathoms) off Matinicus Maine and his 1st year from 25 fathoms where is is warmer in summer and colder in late fall.
  • Temperature probes downloaded at the Mass Lobstermen Weekend:
    • Skip Ryan returns another series from outside Boston Harbor documenting big tides.
    • Phil Mason continues to return series from multiple sites in Mass Bay
    • Pete Mason also returns data from deep Mass Bay

Jan 2009

  • Marc Palombo has now recorded temperature series at 38 different locations
  • Brad Parady documents more mysterious temperature oscillations off Kittery, Maine
  • Bob Marcella documents more large variations off Hull Mass
  • John Peabody documents more from the 80+ fathoms off the Southern New England Shelf
  • Jim Tripp continuous temperature series from the entire year 63 fathoms off Matinicus Island, Maine with another series of lunar cycle variations in temperature
  • Jon Carter now has 7 years of temperature from 25 fathoms off Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Lucas Chioffi now has temperature series from the entire year 20 fathoms off Monhegan Island, Maine
  • Billy Lister documents a very warm September in 8 fathoms off Barnstable MA
  • Billy Sousa provides another example of 2008 being cold in June and warm in August 15 fathoms off Ptown
  • Paul Bennett returns more temperature vs depth data from the deep (167 fathoms) off Veatches Canyon
  • Billy Anderson returns yet more data from 47 fathoms off Lubec Maine
  • Jay Smith documents 32 fathoms off mid-coast Maine as fairly normal in 2008.
  • Bruce Fernald documents 30 fathoms off Isleford ME as fairly normal in 2008 as well.
  • Bobby Ingalls documents 11 fathoms off Beals ME for the GOMLF ventless traps project.
  • Jason Day needed to be processed at VEMCO
  • Ross Richardson needed to be processed at ONSET

22 Dec 2008

Maine DMR ventless trap temperature probes submitted by Melissa Smith
  • John Drouin returns another year of downeast data from 6, 15, and 29 fathoms
  • John Stotz returns another year off Mid-Coast Maine from 9, 14, and 25 fathoms
  • Steve Train returns another year off Casco Bay from 5, 17, and 27 fathoms

20 Dec 2008

13 Dec 2008

Wahle's settlement trap temperature data from 2008 returned by Bigelow Lab's Charlene Bergeron:
  • Norbert Lemieux from NL05 (16 fa) and NL06 (7 fa) off Cutler Maine
  • Matt Parkhurst from AP01 (6 fa), AP04 (25.3 fa) and AP05 (38.2 fa) off mid-coast Maine
  • Skip O'Leary from SO05 (4 fa), SO06 (15 fa), and SO07 (30 fa) off Rhode Island

11 Dec 2008

8 Dec 2008

4 Dec 2008

1 Dec 2008

  • Mike Faulkingham documents 2008 being the warmest yet (relative to 2004, 5, and 7) at 30 fathoms off Winter Harbor, Maine.
  • Cecil Cashin documents NE Nova Scotian waters (45N,61W) as being colder in 2008 than 2007. The temperature records at IC01 document a daily oscillation in temperature despite there being a semi-daily tidal height change.
  • Elliott Thomas documents Casco Bay waters as being warm in 2008 and particularly in early summer.

22-26 Nov 2008

More bottom temperature series arriving ...
Therese Sauvageau out of Beverly MA takes Endicott students to deploy a drifter. For full story, click here.

17 Nov 2008

The 2008 experimental bottom current series are, in general, looking good. Post -processing is underway and final results will be presented at the forums this winter.
The 2008 bottom temperature series start to trickle in:
  • Pat White returns his 5th year from off York Maine showing 2008 being relatively warm.
  • Elliot Thomas returns his 6th year from Casco Bay showing 2008 being relatively warm.

12 Nov 2008

  • Dave Casoni documents summer 2008 bottom-temperature in 6 fathoms Cape Cod Bay being several degrees warmer than previous years. Another look is posted here.
  • eMOLT bottom current meters start returning data, results forth coming ...

27 Oct 2008

  • John Chipman returns his 8th year of temperature documenting 2008 as being on the warmer side of the average year at 30 fathoms off Birch Harbor Maine

16 Oct 2008

  • The Fall 2008 eMOLT newsletter highlights early 2008 temperature, 2008 drifter results, and the pilot study on bottom current measurements.

1 Oct 2008

  • Bobby Nudd's temperature record from off NH (20 Fathoms) shows 2008 beginning as the coldest and now being the warmest. His catch appears to fall while temperatures remain relatively constant from year to year.

25 Sept 2008

24 Sept 2008

  • The first extensive deployment of the experimental "SeaHorse Current Meters" is now underway with 10 eMOLT participants involved.

26 August 2008

  • Mass DMF submits more temperature series from their longterm monitoring sites. Data are merged with eMOLT database and plotted here.
  • Billy Anderson submits yet another temperature series from the surface buoy at his 42 fathom site. This shows early August 2008 some of the warmest surface water he has observed in 8 years.

6 August 2008

25 July 2008

Temperature vs catch analysis updated with 2007 data:

14 July 2008

30 June 2008

Two temperature series are returned from early 2008:
  • David Johnson returns a record from 52 fathoms off Portland Maine documenting 2008 being fairly warm this past month but not as warm as 2002.
  • Therese Sauvageau returns a record from 15 fathoms off Beverly Mass documenting 2008 being fairly "normal".

18 June 2008

  • Bobby Ingalls (in 31 Fathoms off Jonesport Maine) returns another year of temperature showing early 2008 now being on the warmer side of the mean.

4 June 2008

A few more temperature series are extracted from 2007 and 2008 probes
  • Billy Anderson returns 7th year of temperature from off Lubec Maine depicting early 2008 as being slightly warmer than normal this spring
  • Ben Haskell (SBNMS) returns a series from the wreck of Jossephine Marie in 100' of Stellwagen Bank water documenting the gradual increase of both temperature and temperature variability in the Apr-May period. He also returned the first offshore observations from new tilt current meter!!
  • Brad Parady's 2007 series from 5 fathoms off Southern Maine shows the same warming event happening each year in October
  • Walter Day returns another year of temperature from his ventless trap site off Vinalhaven, Maine

10 May 2008

8 May 2008

  • Dave Casoni returns early 2008 temperature data from 6 fathoms off Sandwich Mass depicting a mysterious warming event in early September 2007

16 April 2008

  • Bobby Marcella returns 2008 temperature data from 15 fathoms off Hull Mass

1 April 2008

  • Batch of temperature probes mailed out to participants

31 March 2008

  • Rob Connelly returns another year of temperature from south of Martha's Vinyard in 42 fathoms
  • Jay Smith returns fourth time series from 38 fathoms off Nobleboro, Maine showing 2007 ending up being cold relative to other years

21 March 2008

  • Brad Parady returns another year of ventless trap temperature from off of Kittery Maine demonstrating 10 degF tides at times
  • Peter Flanigan returns another year of deep (54 fathom) temperature from off NH

13 March 2008

  • eMOLT Phase VI: Bottom Currents funded
  • Billy Lister returns his second year from 8 fathoms outside Barnstable Harbor and again documents a cold July relative to June

3 March 2008

  • Norbert Lemieux returns more temperature records from 50 fathom water off Cutler where, again, 2007 started out the warmest and ended up the coldest in eMOLT years.

12 Feb 2008

  • Brian Tarbox returns his third season of temperatures from inside Casco Bay in 5 fathoms
  • Norbert Lemeiux returns another year from 50 fathoms way downeast off Cutler

5 Feb 2008

A few temperature probes are downloaded at the annual MLA show

29 Jan 2008

  • Rhode Island Lobstermens Association's Mike Marchetti returns his third year of temperature data from 24 fathoms off Southern New England
  • Mt. Desert Island high school student, Brett Mitchell, returns his first temperature record

15 Jan 2008

  • Marc Palombo continues to contribute more temperature time series than any other participant having occupied 36 different locations along the southern flank of the Great South Channel in a variety of depths

10 Jan 2008

A few more probes are returned from the Gulf of Maine deep water

8 Jan 2008

Carl MacDonald sends a collection of Lotek temperature probes deployed by FSRS fishermen in Nova Scotia

2-7 Jan 2008

More temperature probes arrive after the New Year...
  • Mark Wells returns his fourth year from 23 fathoms off Casco Bay along with good catch records.
  • Kurt Martin returns another year from Chatham Buoy Ledge off Cape Cod
  • Arnie Gamage continues his series from both surface and bottom off mid-coast Maine documenting changes in thermal straification
  • Bobby Marcella returns a good series from outside Boston Harbor
  • Kurt Oehme continues his year-round monitoring of 21 fathoms in Mass Bay
  • Lucas Chioffi returns another year from 20 fths off Mohegan Island
  • Dan Miller returns another year from 9 fths off Tenants Harbor
  • George Sprague returns another year from 10 fths downeast
  • John Peapody returns to his Southern New England sites in 40+fathoms
  • William Bond returns a very interesting time series from 51 fathoms off Cape Breton
  • Clayton Philbrook further documents a cold year in the deep (43 fths) Gulf of Maine fths off Metinicus

21 Dec 2007

A few more temeprature probes arrive from the field...

17 Dec 2007

A few more temeprature probes arrive from the field...

14 Dec 2007

  • Nick Jenkins and his Shafmaster crew returns two temperature probes from the deep waters of the Gulf of Maine showing 2007 being, by far, the coldest they have observed there in several years. This holds for both"JS02" in 181 fathoms and "JS06" in 158 fathoms.

10 Dec 2007

Proposals finalized for 2008 submitted to NEC
  • eMOLT Phase VI to record bottom currents in 2008
  • Lobster settlement in Casco Bay
More temperature probes trickle in...
  • Bruce Fernald confirms the observation of 2007 being "normal" (in 30 fathoms off Mt Desert Island)
  • Mike Dassatt documents the presence of 6 degF tidal osciallations (in Penobscot Bay)

2 Dec 2007

Probes start coming in the mail w/2007 temperature series

24 Nov 2007

  • Jon Carter further documents the "normal" temperatures of 2007 relative to his previous six years off Mt. Desert Island
  • Paul Bennett continues to return good pressure (ie depth) records from his moving site on the Southern New England shelf edge.

20 Nov 2007

  • Billy Anderson continues to submit good data from off Lubec, Maine (this time in 42 fathoms). With seven years of data at this site. we see that the last few winters (2006 and 2007) have been the warmest.
  • The Fall 2007 eMOLT Newsletter mailed out to participants.

1 Nov 2007

22 Oct 2007

  • Alex Brown returns seventh year of temperature observations from inside P-town further documenting the a) intense variability and b) the cool summers relative to spring and fall.

9 Oct 2007

  • Analysis of GoMLF ventless traps temperature vs catch underway. While Dave Casoni's record shows, for example, decreasing catch w/decreasing temperature in the late fall 2005 and increasing catch with increasing temperatures in summer 2006, a lot more needs to be done to derive a statistically significant relationship in general.

11 Sep 2007

Tricia Cheney submits Maine DMR 2007 ventless trap temperature probes deployed by:

10 Sep 2007

13 Aug 2007

  • Kurt Martin's found a long-missing temperature probe off the backside of Chatham in 9 fathoms. The fall 2006 data from 21 fathoms show some interesting oscillations possibly related to the lunar cycles.

2 Aug 2007

  • Billy Anderson's temperature from his 42 fathom site (off Cutler Maine) shows 2007 starting out warm and then having a cold spring relative to the previous 6 years there

31 July 2007

20 July 2007

2 July 2007

25 June 2007

13 June 2007

  • Phil Mason documents a late-warming of Mass Bay bottom water in mid-May 2007 compared to previous years at this site.

8 June 2007

  • Experiments by Gulf of Maine Research Institute's Shale Rosen depicts both tidal and surface-wave variability with a Lotek pressure sensor/probe he borrowed.

7 June 2007

  • Brian Tarbox returns pressure sensor data that documents the fathom rise of Casco Bay during the April 30th storm. His corresponding temperature record documents a drop in the tidal variation due to complete mixing during that storm.
  • Bob Baines and Peter Flanigan also return pressure sensor records documenting the water depth variation over the period of their respective temperature records.

4 June 2007

  • Bobby Ingalls documents 2007 starting out being the warmest and then, in the matter of a few months, becoming the coldest
  • Billy Anderson continues to submit temperature records from multiple sites and multiple depths
  • Bob Baines documents the cold spring of 2007 (similar to 2004)

10 May 2007

  • 2007 drifter season underway thanks to more SMCC students building drifters for various science programs

3 April 2007

  • Peter Flanigan returns another winter-time temperature record from 54 fathoms off the coast of New Hampshire documenting 2007 being 4 degF warmer than it was a few years ago at that spot.

27 March 2007

  • Billy Lister returns an interesting temperature record from 7 fathoms just outside Barnstable Harbor

13 March 2007

8 March 2007

27 Feb 2007

21 Feb 2007

  • Brad Parady adds an interesting temperature record from off Kittery Maine documenting the recent cooling period
  • Mike OConner returns his third year of data from Mass Bay including another dramatic fall "overturn" event in early October
  • Now becoming clear that these fall "overturn" events are felt all along the coast as far north as Halifax Nova Scotia

13 Feb 2007

Ice bath calibration check performed on 48 probes documents one bad probe but otherwise reasonable results. Maximum deviation from the mean temperature were less than 0.3 degC at the lower end of the probes functioning range.
Haul counts (ie Lobster Catch) documented in 2006 now entered in the eMOLT database include those from:
Two more 2006 temperature records arrive for processing:

8 Feb 2007

  • Mass DMF contributes multiple years of bi-hourly bottom temperature from multiple sites in Mass Bay and Buzzards Bay (thanks to Julie Barber, Bob Glenn, and Tracy Pugh)

5 Feb 2007

  • Sooky Sawyer's temperature from 30 fathom in Mass Bay documents the warmer than normal late fall period of 2006
  • Woods Hole dockside temperatures now back to normal after 2-3 weeks of cold
  • Dan Miller, out of Tenant's Harbor, documents 2006 being much warmer than his previous deployment in 2004

31 Jan 2007

A few more temperature records trickle in...
  • Paul Bennett returns a few more temperature and depth records from the edge of the New Jersey shelf
  • Brian Cates returns fifth year from Grand Manan Banks
  • Norbert Lemieux's record supports the general results of 2006 being as warm as 2002.
  • Walter Day record being extracted by ONSET manufacturer
eMOLT participant's meeting in Portsmouth well attended

16-25 Jan 2007

70+ people register for the first eMOLT participants Meeting" on 26 Jan in Portsmouth
More temperature series arrive documenting 2006 as being warm:

11 Jan 2007

  • Paul Bennett returns another pair of temperature records from south of Martha's Vinyard in ~85 (PB02) and ~150 (PB01) fathoms documenting a couple of Gulf Stream ring passings

3-5 Jan 2007

Another batch of 2006 temperature probes arrives for downloading
  • Rob Connelly returns an interesting temperature record from 42 fathoms south of Martha's Vinyard
  • Arnie Gamage returns another set of surface and bottom temperature records from 22 fathoms off mid-coast Maine!!
  • Mark Wells returns another temperature series from 23 fathoms
  • Therese Savaugeau returns another temperature series from 8 fathoms off Beverly with an interesting warmup in September
  • Kurt Oehme continues his six year series at 21 fathoms in Mass Bay

Dec 2006

Big batch of 2006 temperature probes arrives for downloading
Nova Scotian (FSRS) lobstermen now contributing to eMOLT temperature dataset both doumenting effects of storms on ~ 1 September and 15 October:
  • Pete Mason returns another year of temperature from "37 fathoms" in Mass Bay but completed documentation awaits.
  • George Stover returns another year of temperature from "10 fathoms" off Freeport Maine.
  • Bruce Fernald returns another year of temperature from "30 fathoms" off Isleford Maine but completed documentation awaits.
    • John Chipman returns another year of temperature from 30 fathoms off Birch Harbor Maine documenting by far the warmest year yet at that location..
    • Mark Wells returns another year of temperature from 23 fathoms off mid-coast Maine including good record of water depth documenting the ~1-2 fathom tide there.
    • Winter 06/07 eMOLT update posted and sent to participants via US Mail
    • Our Canadian colleagues at FSRS report having temperature and depth (ie LOTEK) data in the mail to us from several Nova Scotian sites
    • Mike Dassatt, DELA president, is back fishing ... returns another temperature record from 22 fathoms inside Penobscot Bay
Elliot Thomas returns fourth year of generally warmer but variable temperatures from Casco Bay shallows
Multiple participants documenting 2006 as being warmest of eMOLT years.

Nov 2006

Maine Lobstermen begin to return 2006 temperature probes:
  • Erin preparing to send participants invitation to 26 Jan eMOLT gathering... save that date
  • Oscar "Bill" Look begins to fill the data void south of Machias Bay.
  • Bobby Colbert returns an old, apparently-exhausted probe from 140 fathoms
David Kandrick documents:
Another drifter (#66464) gets entrained in the cold core ring on the ocean side of the Gulf Stream

Oct 2006

Sep 2006

Aug 2006

June 2006

  • Proposals for real-time temperature and validating circulation models with drifters submitted to our main funding agency, Northeast Consortium
  • Our first collaboration w/MIT Seagrant folks involves drifter deployments in Boston Harbor by McGill and MWRA team . Visit drifter tracking site and click on "Boston Harbor".
  • except for some of the data access applications, is back!!
  • Few more Maine Lobstermen return temperature series
    • Bob Baines returns his another year from Mid-coast Maine at from 90 meters
    • Ray Gilliam returns his another year from south-coast Maine at from 26 meters
    • Lucas Chioffi returns his his first record from off Mohegan Island at from 40 meters
  • Billy Anderson returns his sixth year of temperature from Downeast Maine documenting 2006 being the warmest yet.

May 2006

  • Kurt Oehme returns his sixth year from Mass Bay with more documentation of the mid-October
  • turnover
  • Major website revision to conform w/NOAA standards after a few weeks of being down
  • More eMOLT drifters deployed by other researchers in 2006

April 2006

March 2006

Catch vs temperature analysis ongoing ...
More Maine Lobstermen Association 2005 temperature records trickle in...
More Maine Lobstermen Association participants return temperature probes while attending the Maine Fish Forum

Feb 2006

Downeast Lobstermen return first batch of 2005 temperature records
  • Nick Lemieux submits 3rd year at 40 fathoms "BL01" off Cutler
  • Jeremy Cates submits 3rd year at 50 fathoms "CC01" off Cutler
  • Mike Faulkingham submits another year from 30 fathoms off Winter Harbor
  • Norbert Lemieux
  • Walter Day
  • Brian Cates
More Maine Lobstermen Association participants return temperature probes
More Mass Lobstermen Association participants return temperature probes at annual weekend in Hyannis

Jan 2006

Maine Lobstermen Association returns some temperature records from 2005
  • Pat White now has a few years at his ventless trap site in 7 fathoms off Southern Maine
  • Brian Tarbox also has a few years in even more shallow water at 4 fathoms where he documented a big change pre and post-storm
  • George Sprague now has a few years at his ventless trap site in 10 fathoms off Jonesport area showing 2005 being warmer than 2004
  • George Stover submits his first record from Casco Bay area
  • Billy Anderson now has several years off Lubec on both surface and bottom waters showing 2005 a bit warmer (relative to 2003 & 2004)
  • Jason Day submits his first record from off Vinalhaven
Mass Lobstermen Association returns some more temperature records from 2005
  • Dave Casoni submits record from his ventless trap
  • DJ Davis submits record from his ventless trap
  • Skip Ryan returns another record from SR08 in 7 fathoms outside Boston Harbor
  • Bobby Martin returns third year at "RM04" providing yet another documentation of the dramatic turnover
  • Pete Mason returns another record from early in 2005 in deeper than usual water
Analysis of Mass Bay 2005 turnover events underway:
  • Marc Palombo contributes several more temperature records from a variety of sites (TA26-32) in the vicinity of Hydrographer's Canyon.
  • First draft of the "Final Report on eMOLT Phase IV: Drifters" posted for administrators review under "Updates/Reports" page
  • To see the distribution of eMOLT temperature data in terms of depth zones, #days/site, and #years/site, click here.
  • Submitted 5-paragraph eMOLT summary to NEC for their "public document" to be published in 2006
  • Dave Casoni delivers yet a few more Mass Lobstermen 2005 temperature probes to Woods Hole
  • Therese Sauvageau out of Beverly Mass returns another year from TS02 documenting actually warmer 2005 relative to 2004 in this shallow (8 fathom) water. A temperature front was located at site "TS02" in early October 2005 such that temperature variations of several degrees farenheight were observed with each tide while it was not present later that month. Click here to see.
  • Skip Ryan returns data (waiting for documentation).
More Mass Lobstermen 2005 temperature records arrive
  • Mike O'Conner returns another record from Mass Bay documenting a dramatic "turnover" event in late September 2004

Dec 2005

Mass Lobstermen start returning 2005 temperature data:
  • Dave Kandrick's 5th year shows a) coldest late-summer yet and then b) dramatic turnover event (later than most years) in mid-October
  • Alex Brown's 5th year also shows coldest late-summer compared to all years
  • Phil Mason's probe busted but data may still be retreived (see 4 Jan 2006)
  • Billy Souza
  • Bill Doherty (see 4 Jan 2006)
  • Mike O'Conner

Nov 2005

  • Maine Lobstermen, Elliott Thomas, returns third year of temperature records from both ET01 (7 fathoms) and ET02 (12 fathoms) in Casco Bay
    • He also conducted an experiment to test the temperature difference between the top and bottom of trap which resulted in insignificant values (<0.001 degF mean difference).
  • Atlantic Offshore Lobsterman, Paul Bennett, returns more temperature records from variable shelf-edge depth zones
  • Atlantic Offshore Lobsterman, David Spencer, returns his third year of temperature records from DS01 from deep shelf-edge (>300 meters) site.
  • Mary Worden (Univ. of Virgina) paper "Temperature dependence of cardiac performance in the lobster Homarus americanus" is accepted to the Journal of Experimental Biology using eMOLT data as example of the temperature ranges the animal is exposed to in the wild
  • Mass DMF's Julie Barber submits 3 temperature records (2 from Boston Harbor and 1 from off Marblehead) documenting more big tidal variations in that area.
  • Jeff Alberts, an outer-cape lobsterman, documents 2005 being a few degrees colder than previous two years at 13-14 fathoms. He also documents a few degrees warmer water in his new 100 foot site "JA02" relative to his 80 foot standard site "JA01".

Oct 2005

  • eMOLT poster presented at the Annual Northeast Consortium meeting in Portsmouth NH on 27 Oct 2005 available in powerpoint format here.
  • Draft eMOLT newsletter to be mailed in the next few weeks in Word Document format posted here. Comments welcome.
  • Lew Incze's drifters with temperature probes installed on both surface PVC-housing and subsurface drogue reveal interesting variability in the later (ie more varibility at 5m relative to 1m).
  • Billy Souza - deployed drifter looked like it was making it way towards Europe via the Gulf Stream and then turned back towards Great South Channel

Sept 2005

Congress hears about our bottom temperature monitoring efforts w/testimonies
Analysis of drifter data archive (multi-year) in progress... journal article in prep with, for example, all tracks coming from locations upstream of:
  • Phil Dziezyk recovers a Cutler-deployed drifter (#49474) from the Swans Island dump!

Aug 2005

  • ADC inc is awarded "phase II" grant to continue work on "realtime" temperature probe!

July 2005

June 2005

May 2005

  • Downeast lobsterman Mike Faulkingham returns a temperature record from 28 fathoms in Frenchman's Bay
  • The 2005 Harmful Algal Bloom drifter study is now in animated form. Download and view with "Quicktime-like" viewers
Analysis of lobstermen's temperature results to date underway... grouped by association

Apr 2005

  • First telemetered temperatures recorded from Woods Hole Harbor!!!
  • First 9 meter drogue built by SMCC for Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute!!!
  • Bottom temperature site map updated
more Maine Lobstermen return temperature data
  • Brian Mclain (mid-coast Maine) submits along with haul records
  • Bobby Ingalls (way downeast) submits records with first indication 2005 may be warmer than previous two springs
  • Billy Anderson (also way downeast) submits
    • more evidence of 2005 being slightly warmer at BA02 in 47 fa
  • Dave Johnson (southern Maine) submits
  • Dockside temperature at NMFS Narragansett and Woods Hole document 3rd-straight "cold" spring relative to ~3 decades of records
  • 31 Mar 2005

    Mar 2005

    Feb 2005

    • Prototype testing:
      • the realtime temperature probe 1st prototype has been tested (thanks to MaLA's John Carver and Phil Mason) but needs to go back to drawing board
      • the first eMOLT drifter "drogue" 1st prototype is being assembled this week and will be put in the water next week or two
    • Maine Lobstermen Association's 2004 temperature data arrives
      • summary plot of three+ year series updated
      • Arnie Gamage returns another
      • Bobby Ingalls returns another record from way downeast at both:
      • Jon Carter returns more records from
      • Bruce Fernald returns another record from BF01
      • Mark Wells returns a record from
      • Bob Baines returns another record from TH01 in 45 fa
      • Brian Tarbox returns first records from
      • David Johnson returns more from
        • DJ01 in 52 fa providing nearly 4 full years of record
        • DJ03 in 8 fa
      • Dan Miller returns his ventless trap temperatures at DM03
      • other Ventless Trap Project participants submit temperature data:
        • Ben Doliber returns first record from his ventless trap site DB01
        • Pat White returns data from PW01 at 7 fathoms
        • Ricky Alley returns a record from RA01 at 16 fathoms
        • Sean Folger returns a record from SF01 at 17 fathoms
        • Woody Post returns a record from WP01 at 10 fathoms
    • MaLA's Sooky Sawyer returns another year at "MC02" off Gloucester where 2004 was slightly warmer than 2003
    • Marc Palombo's
      • records from "TA24" and "TA25" capture big 5 degC tidal oscillation in depths > 220 meters!
      • records from TA15 now has the most years of any eMOLT series including parts of 2000-2005
    • Rob Connelly returns spring and summer seasons of temperature data from 42 fathoms on S. New England Shelf

    Jan 2005


    Dec 2004

    More Mass Lobstermen submit data:
    • CICEET planning letter turned down
    2004 Drifter analysis underway:

    Nov 2004

    Mass Lobstermen start submitting 2004 temperature data:
    • CICEET planning letter submitted
    • wireless system tested on Colbert brother's vessels succeeds... in step towards realtime temperature probe development, thanks Denny & Bob.
    Maine lobstermen start submitting 2004 Temperature Observations:
    • planning letter in prep for CICEET submission on 15 Nov, comments welcomed
    • Elliot Thomas returns his 2nd year of 12 fthm temperature off mid-coast Maine documenting conditions similar last year
    • Dockside temperature series from the NMFS lab in Narragansett, approaching 20 years, indicates multi-year cyclic variations from the seasonal means
    • another Isle au Haut drifter (#49385) washes up on the back side of Cape Cod and ends up in John Burn's classroom at Truro Central Elementary!

    Oct 2004

    • eMOLT poster (in PowerPoint format) updated for NEC Annual Meeting
    Drifter News:
    Temperature News:
    Drifter News:
    Salinity News:
    • Seabird Microcat data returned from the summer 2004 Casco Bay deployment cage
    • new eMOLT "Overview" put on top of main page and "Contact Info" moved down on main page
    • Ed Hunt's drifter #49391, deployed off Cape Small Maine on 31 August, recovered off P-town

    Sep 2004

    • most eMOLT administrators gather in Woods Hole for a meeting
    • Jeff Alberts submits his second year of temperature records from 14 fathom site on the backside of Cape Cod again documenting the tidal variation
    • Sooky's Gloucester drifter #49203, deployed 7 August, washes up on Sandy Neck Beach in E. Sandwich
    • Bro Cote returns more Georges Bank temperature records from both the shallows (30 fathoms) and the deep (150+ fathoms)
    • Sooky's Gloucester drifter #49202 ends up on a Cohasset beach
    John Grey submits a 2-year long temperature record (awaits proper documentation) including time in
    • David Johnson returns another temperature series from "DJ01" (52 fathoms) and documents an apparent warming at this site & depth up to levels seen the previous few years in late summer
    • drifter #49204 comes ashore in Gloucester
    • inshore drifters #49201 comes ashore "a few hundred feet from the fisherman's statue" in Gloucester
    • John Carver visits Woods Hole w/Dave Casoni and delivers temperature record
    • September drifters launched from Gloucester and Isle au Haut
    • September drifters launched from Cape Small and Cutler

    Aug 2004

    • Cutler's August drifter 48472 runs up into Cundy's Harbor
    • Grant Moore submits another temperature record from the southern flank of Georges Bank where zoomed-in looks depict large (>3 deg) tidal variation
    • Stevie's III's August drifter #48382 is released from Criehaven by Anton Norton. Will it wash up again?
    Drifter News:
    • Stevie III's August drifter #48382 washes up on little Ragged Island/Criehaven. Meanwhile, his July drifter #47382 is screaming along the northern flank of Georges Bank.
    • MERHAB's drifter #453817 completes loop of the entire gulf!
    • Ashton's drifter #47362 is picked out of the water by Parker's Cove, Nova Scotia longliner, Matthew Robinson, & held for ransom
    • Mass Bay drifter project data from the early 1990's added to the drifter archive & available for viewing thanks to Rocky Geyer (WHOI)
    • eMOLT drifters are featured in news story of Jim Churchill (WHOI) tracking Maine Yankee radiation study
    • First DRAFT of the Final Report for eMOLT Phase II: Salinity is posted. Feedback requested.
    • Meeting with GoMOOS (Portland Office) scheduled for 24 August (pm). Participants welcome.
    • Distributed Oceanographic Data System (DODS) access to eMOLT data was temporily down a few times due to possibible disk failures but returned to service within 24 hours... all other eMOLT data access portals should be unaffected.
    • Stevie Robbins' drifter #48382 washes up on Metinic Island and Woody Post redeploys it while the other August drifters keep going
    • Advanced Design Consulting, Inc is awarded a NOAA SBIR grant to develop a "realtime" temperature probe for lobstermen!
    • "Summary Drifter Plots by Location of Launch" table of links added to the "Observations thus far" section of the drifter page
    • Sooky Sawyer launches his August batch of drifters off Gloucester
    • tentative plans made for eMOLT administrators meeting 27-28 September in Woods Hole
    • eMOLT GIS web page
      • updated to include all June & July eMOLT drifters
      • removed username & password restrictions
    • August drifters released off Cutler, Isle au Haut, and Cape Small
    More drifters come ashore:
    • 46382 in Hampton, NH
    • 45389 in Portsmouth NH
    • 46202 in Truro, Ma
    • 46385 in Plymouth, Ma
    • 47203 in Salem, Ma
    • 45383 in Kennebunkport, Ma
    • 453811 in Digby Neck, Nova Scotia
    Temperature records submitted:
    • David Spencer returns even more deep temperature records from the Hudson Canyon region
    • Billy Anderson returns another series from "BA02" showing 2004 another cold year way downeast

    July 2004

    First drifters come ashore:
    Bonnie gets another batch of temperature records from AOLA participants

    June 2004

    Dan Miller returns his first two temperature records

    May 2004

    • added new "drifter results" link from main page
    • GoMLF generates a new "drifter handbook" for lobstermen
    • Shipment of 14 SMCCeMOLT drifters assembled & ready to deploy by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution scientist off the Isle au Haut in a few days (unrelated to eMOLT) currently on the back deck of the R/V OCEANUS off mid-coast Maine
    Realtime temperature initiative "on hold" ... in search of funding alternative
    • NEC declines planning letter
    John Peabody brings home evidence of shelf-wave-like temperature oscillations in deep (150 fathoms) water w/6-7 day periods

    April 2004

    Mass Water Resource Authority recovers first SMCCeMOLT Model II GPS drifter on sewage treatment plant beach

    Mar 2004

    Some downeast temperature records from 2003 finally processed
    • Skip Ryan's 2003 documentation arrives & temperature series are process
    • Stevie Robbins return another year of salinity as well as temperature from "RS01"
    • draft phase V planning letter posted
    • eMOLT administrators notes & meeting "minutes" at the Maine Fish Forum
    • Modified "Results from the Field" page to include "animations" posted along with PowerPoint presentations
    Maine Fishermens Forum Download Results:

    Feb 2004

    Updated "eMOLT update/report" page to link new:
    Mass Lobstermen Weekend Download Results:
    • Bill Doherty submits his 2nd year of temperature records from BD01
    • Phil Mason and his son Pete join the program (awaits ONSET download of #412)
    • Bobby Martin is now into his third year of Mass Bay temperature observations!
    • Sooky Sawyer documents the 5 degree effect of the 5 Dec 2003 storm on Mass Bay!
    • Elliot Thomassubmits at temperature records at both 7 fthms and 12 fthms
    • Bruce Fernald submits first temperature record near Jeffreys Ledge!
    • Brian Mclain now has 2+ years at both BM01 and BM02
    • Randy Newcomb from way downeast submits his first temperature record
    • David Johnson returns both temperature and salinity from DJ02
    • Jimmy Violet returns his 2003 temperature record from Southern New England Shelf at "JV06"
    • Paul Bennett returns temperature record from west of Vetches Canyon
    • Jon Shafmaster 's crew brings back another year of temperature from the deep (>1000 feet!)
    • .... more to be processed later this week!!

    Jan 2004

    Zach Whitener submits his first temperature series off Long Island, Maine
    • initial ideas for eMOLT Phase V: "Realtime Temperature" proposal are hatching...... letters of support sent to SBIR proposals
    • Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) students make progress in drifter design/production
    • MeLA, AOLA, and MaLA mails reminder to their participants to submit probes
    • agenda for Jan 2004 eMOLT admin meeting posted
    • proposed 2004 drifter dropsites
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