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Oceans and Climate Branch: Personnel

Cristina Bascunan
Physical Science Technician
Day-to-day operations of the CTD monitoring program.
Paula Fratantoni
Acting Chief of Oceanography Branch; Research Oceanographer
Oversees the collection, processing and dissemination of hydrographic data collected during CTD operations from NEFSC shipboard surveys, collaborates with scientists in the application of oceanographic data to species and ecosystem assessments, and conducts independent research into the physical oceanography of the northeast U.S. shelf
Michael Jones
IT Specialist
Tamara Holzwarth Davis
Physical Science Technician
Day-to-day operations of the CTD monitoring program.
James Manning
Collects observations from moored and drifting platforms (with help from fishermen and students) to feed numerical circulation modelers data they need
Katey Marancik
Fish Biologist III (IAP World Services, Inc)
Larval fish ecology and taxonomy. Verifies ichthyoplakton identifications for SEAMAP and EcoMon programs. Studies various aspects of larval ecology including distribution, abundance, and habitat associations.
Chris Melrose
Research Oceanographer
principal investigator for the Oceanography Branch's Ship of Opportunity Program (SOOP)
Jerome Prezioso
Day-to-day operations of the Research Vessel Plankton Monitoring program; shipboard operations for zooplankton monitoring and land-based support activities.
David Richardson
Fishery Biologist
Fisheries oceanography and fisheries ecology; incorporates Oceanography Branch data into stock assessments and ecosystem assessments; ichthyoplankton database structure and application.
Daniel Smith
Biological Laboratory Technician
Day-to-day operations of Ship of Opportunity Continuous Plankton Recorder program; primary contact for operational issues related to the continuous plankton recorder operation.
Chris Taylor
Ocean acidification monitoring incorporated into the CTD Monitoring program and Ship of Opportunity Program. Supports collection of water samples for DIC and TAlk measurements and flowthrough pCO2 sampling
Harvey Walsh
Fishery Biologist
Participates Ship of Opportunity Continuous Plankton Recorder program and Research Vessel Plankton Monitoring program; schedules participation in Branch field work; large-scale ichthyoplankton studies and aging of larval fishes.

Fisheries Oceanography Investigation Unit

Dr. Gregory Lough
Leader of the Recruitment Processes Group; cod biology and ecology; larval growth and survival of fishes in northeast U.S. shelf ecosystem; major NEFSC participant in the Georges Bank GLOBEC Program.
Elisabeth Broughton
Biological Laboratory Technician
Lead technician for larval fish studies; applying Video Plankton Recorder to study of zooplankton and ichthyoplankton; expert in larval fish taxonomy.

Recently Retired

Elaine Caldarone
Growth and condition of larval fish through the application of biochemical techniques; chemical and data analyses; elucidation of the dynamics of marine fish populations.
Joseph Kane
Fishery Biologist
Large-scale zooplankton studies; expert on zooplankton distribution and abundance on the northeast shelf ecosystem; EcoMon Database structure and function; Research Vessel Plankton Monitoring program.
Jack Jossi
Ship of Opportunity Continuous Plankton Recorder program; system administrator for EcoMon databases; analysis of zooplankton population data and applications for management issues.

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