Tom MacVane's results

Unlike all other participants, Tom deployed a real-time, fast-response, temperature probe along a transect to demonstrate, at least, it can be done. Given adequate funding to cover such efforts in the future, lobstermen like Tom could easily make routine across-isobath transects to document the water column structure. Two figures generated from his test-mode efforts are posted below.  The one on the left (September 2003) is a contour plot of temperature and the one on the right (February 2004) is a pair of temperature profiles.  The red profile, taken in the cold and fresh coastal current (50m), contrast the blue one taken in deeper (95m) water.

It is also possible to obtain water height records from these probes as seen in Tom's fixed deployment experiment below
where the water level oscillated by more than 4 meters in Casco Bay.

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