Stenciled text to go on drifter sails:

Sail #1:

"If found adrift, take  the
     following steps:
   1) note drifter id# & lat/lon.
   2) call 1-888-284-4904
   3) enter "5" at first prompt,
   4) follow instructions, and
   5) return drifter to water.

If found either ashore
   or SE of Stellwagen Bank,
   call 1-508-495-2211 and
   take drifter home."

Sail #2:

"By following instructions,
you will be helping us, the Gulf of Maine
Lobster Foundation, MLA, DELA,
Southern Maine Community College
marine science students and NOAA
in a collaborative research study
of  lobster larvae drift.
Funded by the Northeast Consortium"

Sail #3:

"This unit#

was deployed off


by lobsterman

Sail #4:

"For more information,  visit
'Environmental Monitors on
Lobster Traps'  website at"

For further information contact:

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