Curriculum Vitae

James P. Manning

NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service

166 Water St.

Woods Hole, Ma.


Tel: 508-495-2211, email:



B.A. Mathematics, 1979, University of Maine

M.S. Oceanography, 1987, University of Rhode Island


1987-present: Oceanographer

NMFS Woods Hole, Ma.

1987(summer):Physical Oceanography Instructor

Acadia Institute of Oceanography, Seal Harbor, Me.

1983-1987: Marine Research Specialist

Graduate School of Oceanography, URI

1983-1983: Research Assistant

Center for Coastal Studies, Provincetown, Ma.

Relevant Peer Reviewed Publications

Manning,J.P. and D.R.Watts, 1989, Temperature and Velocity Structure of the Gulf Stream Northeast of Cape Hatteras, JGR, 94(C4):4879-4890.

Manning, J.P., 1991, Middles Atlantic Bight Salinity: interannual variability, Cont. Shf. Res. 11(2):123-137.

Mountain,D.G. and J.P. Manning, 1992, Seasonal and Interannual Variability in the Properties of the surface waters of the Gulf of Maine. Cont.Shf.Res. 14(13/14):1555-1581.

Manning, J.P. and R. Beardsley, 1996, Assessment of Georges Bank Recirculation from Eulerian Current Observations in the Great South Channel, DSRII, Vol. 43(7-8):1575-1600.

Bisagni,JJ, R.C.Beardsley, C.M.Rusham, J.P.Manning, and W.J.Williams, 1996, Historical and recent evidence of Scotian Shelf Water on southern Georges Bank, DSRII (7-8):1439-1472.

Manning, J.P., R.G. Lough, C.E. Naimie, and J.H. Churchill, 1997, A slope water intrusion and shelfbreak jet and its effect on larval advection along the southern flank of Georges Bank, ICES J. Mar. Sci., (in press).

Manning, J.P. and G. Strout, 2001, Georges Bank Winds: 1975-1997, Deep Sea Res.II, 48:115-135.

Lough, R.G. and J.P. Manning, 2001, Tidal-front entrainment and retention of fish larvae on Georges Bank, Deep Sea Res II, .48:631-644.

Schlitz, R., J.P. Manning, and K. Smith, 2001, Structure and transport of Alongshelf currents across the Southern Flank of Georges Bank during late summer, Deep Sea Res. II. 48:341-372.

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