Records downloaded 20 Sept 2002 in Woods Hole:
Participant filename site btm_depth Documentation notes reinitialize
Kurt Oehme t0010101 KO01 130ft yes
Skip Ryan t9790303 SR03 48ft yes depth of new site? yes
Bill Doherty t9690101 BD01 65ft yes yes
Mike Tufts t9710201 RT01 240ft no check TD's check spring time in yes
Dave Kandrick t9770201 DK01 120ft no TD's make it at 68W? yes
Alex Brown t9870201 AB01  45ft yes check  MHW?  yes
Bill Souza t9840202 BS02 90ft yes yes
Roger Chipman t0280201 CR01 580ft yes&no check depth and TD's,possible new site?  yes
Norbert Lemieux t9600101 NL02 330ft yes yes
Nick Lemieux t9590101 BL01 230ft yes
Brian Cates t9570101 BC01 270ft yes
Jeremy Cates t9630101 CC01 300ft yes
Ralph Backman t0140101 RB01 250ft yes
David Johnson t4990201 DJ01 yes
Jack MerrillIII t0390101 JM01 yes

Records from summer 2002 recieved at a later date:

Bro Cote's record  twb1501
David Spencer tds0202 jul-nov 2002

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