Download-able eMOLT PowerPoint Presentations and Animations*:
File format Prepared originally for Highlights Size  Date Original Author
emolt2004_MaLA.ppt PowerPoint talk Mass Lobstermen Association Weekend Temp & Salinity results to date; 2004 Drifter plan 1.5Mbytes 01/27/2004 Manning
emolt2004_MFF.ppt PowerPoint talk Maine Fish Forum eMOLT
Temp & Salinity results to date; 2004 Drifter plan 2.2Mbytes 03/02/2004 draft Manning
emolt2004_MFF_ls.ppt PowerPoint talk Maine Fish Forum Lobster Summit Circulation Model Results and Drifter Study 0.7Mbytes 03/02/2004 draft Manning
me_2003_wind.fli* animation Annual NEC meeting 2003  Results of satellite tracked drifters June-Oct 2003 animated 12.4Mbytes 09/25/2003 Manning
Waaplay fli viewer flic viewer Association reps allows one to change speed .15 Mbytes
QuickTime fli viewer flic viewer Association reps more common movie viewer

WinZip compress Association reps needed to unzip viewers

emoltdrift_1.fli animation Association reps first prototype GPS track 0.3 Mbytes 04/01/2003 Manning
massbay2001.flc animation Provincetown Fishermen's Association upwelling/downwelling in Cape Cod Bay 2.2 Mbytes 02/27/2003 Manning
fc22_tvec.fli animation ECOHAB cruise report one week of model flow with tides removed 
(ie residual flow)
3.8 Mbytes 06/10/2003 Smith
drift_emolt2004_rachels_all.fli animation SMCC seminar most tracks in 2004 20 Mbytes 10/09/2004 Manning
emoltposter.ppt PowerPoint poster Annual NEC meeting 2004 Project in general 1.0 Mbytes 10/26/2004 Manning
PowerPoint talk
CapeCod Com College
Cape Cod Physical Oceanography
2.4 Mbytes

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Note:  In order to view the ".fli" or ".flc" animations you need to have software on your machine to do so.  Patrice needed to download and install both Winzip and Quicktime to see the animations on Erin's machine.  This operation takes about 15 minutes so call Jim or Patrice if you need help. Many PCs already have QuickTime installed.

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