Thanks for getting our rush order together the other day. We will try to
give you more lead time in the future. We found everything we expected in
the box.
 Assuming you and the engineers want as much feedback as possible.. here
1) With a project such as our with multiple users providing data files to a
master database, it will be important to have a strict convention on
We suggest that the BOXCAR software provide a default filename that includes
at least the last 3-digits of the serial number as well as a 3-digit code
that is incremented with each deployment of the probe. For example, the raw
data for probe #41835 first deployment should be t835_000.dft and the
exported ascii data should be t385_000.asc. The next time the probe is
deployed the raw file would be automatically called t385_001.dft. 

2) The first time we connected the Optic Shuttle to the Base Station with
the Optic Coupler we got the proper LED lights flashing but it then gave us
a message "Error: unit not compatible (10)" or something like that. Maybe we
didn't have it hooked up right. I will try it again sometime and give you a
call if the problem happens again.

3) After collecting some data on one of the probes yesterday and then
uploading it directly with the Base Station we noticed the starting date was
March 1999.
The other probes we tested had the correct date. We will be careful to note
if this happens again on any probes. 
4) When a few of the users saw me struggle with the making the
coupler/shuttle connection, they imagined themselves on deck accidently
dropping one of the units into the drink. The plastic connection was stiff
and may require users to lightly grease the inside. They also noted that it
may be easier, less time, and cost effective to switch probes. In other
words, for the cost of a shuttle they can buy two probes.

Hope this is helpfull,

For further information contact: James.Manning@noaa.gov

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