>Here's some of my notes:
>1) It is up to the user at launch time to enter a "Description" that will
>end up being the default filename. We will need to instruct our users to enter
>something meaningful like "tbXXXX" where "XXXX" is the last four, say,
>digits of
>the serial number
>2) It will be up to the buyers to make the intial "launch" of each batch
>of  probes and to soak them together in order to determine the pre-deployment
>offsets. These offsets are significant (as high as one degree C). Each
>batch of
>probes will need to be soaked together again on nearly an annual basis to
>check  on the offsets. See:  lob/DOCKSIDE.jpg
>3) A couple of problems with the Basestation interface routine:
>   a) nearly 50% of the time I attempted to make contact with the probes
>      for lauching operation, I needed to "retry" ... not a big problem
>    but   something for the users to be aware of.
>    b) The base station connection did NOT work for my LINUX laptop with VMware
>       emulating Win98 but is did work on my WinNT         desktop machine. Has
>       anyone  at ONSET had this problem when using VMware and, if so,
>       did they solve it. I need to   solve this problem at some point
>       because I would be using my laptop, of course, in the field.
>4) The Custom Export File option to put time out in "seconds (including
>    half   sec) did NOT work. The seconds were all reported as zeros.
>5) The serial number of the probe does NOT get sent to the export file header.
>Shouldn't it? That would make it easier for us in the long run to kept track of
>which probe was used on what deployment.

For further information contact: James.Manning@noaa.gov

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