Ok, I'm about to head out the door of my office for a week's vacation but
I just wanted to let you know I added links to my email correspondence with ONSET in the probe detail section of the getting started manual. You can go there directly with:

The one thing to note is that they could engineer a TidBit exactly for our needs with a  0.35°C to 21.84°C range which would provide a 0.1 deg accuracy.
This would cost $500 and take a month or to to accomplish. Option B would to
use the off-the-shelf unit with 0.2 degree accuracy. I do not mind using option
B as long as we conduct some calibration experiments on each batch of probes before and after deployments. That could be done, for example, during the monthly meetings where all the probes get put in a bowl of water together to make sure they are consistent... YOU decide on what option.

Please note however that Bonnie's AOLA crew can order the 4-27 deg probe
but it wouldn't work for the Maine and Mass crew.

Have a good holiday and I'll call you as soon as I get back.


For further information contact: James.Manning@noaa.gov

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