Winter 2004 eMOLT Update

We are finishing our 3rd year of operation. I want to thank you all for maintaining your temperature probe moorings and encourage your continued participation in the future. We now have solid evidence of significant inter-annual variability with the spring of 2003, for example, being in many places several degrees colder than the previous.

If you will be attending either the Mass Lobstermen Weekend or the Maine Fishermen's Forum, please look for me (probably hanging around the lobby for most of the time) so that we can sit down to talk about the details of your respective data/plots.

Your association representative may be contacting you soon (if they haven't already) concerning the collection of probes for downloading sessions in the near future. The earlier you submit your probes this winter, the better chance I'll have in processing the data prior to the weekend and/or forum.

As we approach our 4th year, we are preparing for a new exciting phase of the eMOLT project. While we will continue to maintain the temperature records, we will also be deploying a set of drifters beginning in June 2004. Your association representatives will fill you on on the details of this project including the protocol to follow on sighting one of these units. Each unit will have an ID number visible on a PVC pole a few feet above the surface. The unit is distinquished by a set of four flotations/buoys around the center pole. A small flag will be lashed to the center pole. (More photos of these units are posted on the eMOLT photos page at: lob/pic_links.html).

The basic protocol on sighting a drifter afloat is as follows:

The mariner will be asked to call a 1-800 number and follow the automated reporting system instructions. The phone prompts one will hear are posted at: lob/ivrprompts.html  Comments on this system are very welcome.

If the unit is found washed ashore, we ask that you call your association representative.

Note that some of these drifters will be fitted with a small GPS unit (9"x6" rectangular box on top of the PVC pole).  We ask that you report these experimental units as well.

The primary purposes of the drifter study are to a) investigate the transport of lobster larvae and b) to validate a set on coastal ocean circulation models currently under development around various New England labs.

Again, we appreciate your cooperation. To see the latest info on the eMOLT project, don't forget to visit "" and click on, for example, "what's new" occasionally.

Have a good holiday,

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