Environmental Monitors on Lobster Traps (eMOLT)  Winter 2001 Update

The Northeast Consortium  funded project to install temperature sensors on lobster traps off the New England coast is now operational. More than a dozen borrowed probes are deployed at the time of this writing  (9 Jan 2001) in various locations from the southern flank of Georges Bank to inshore waters of downeast Maine.  A few of these probes have recorded nearly a full year of hourly data.  An example of one lobsterman's data is presented in the figure below. The thin green line represents the expected temperature (based on historical data) and the red is the observed temperature.  Note the warmer-than-normal water during the first half of the year and the colder-than-normal in the second half of the year for this particular region. Each panel presents data from different sites.

After funding arrived in early January 2001, purchase orders were submitted for over hundred new temperature probes (specifically designed for our study with 0.09 degC accuracy) and contracts were made to refurbish a few existing salinity probes.  By the  end of the year 2001, we intend to have this instrumentation distributed throughout the Gulf of Maine.  Those individuals who have expressed interest in participated in this project should expect to hear from us as soon as the equipment is delivered.

For complete information on the status of this project, visit  the new web site at emolt.html.  The home page includes links like:

David McCarron, representing the Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation, has taken a lead on coordinating the project and will work with the various lobster associations.  He will be attending some of the association meetings in order to meet with and train the project participants.  Questions can be directed to dmccarro@whsun1.wh.whoi.edu and/or james.manning@noaa.gov.  A complete list of phone numbers and contacts at various ports is linked from the homepage.

For further information contact: James.Manning@noaa.gov

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