March 4-6 , 2004

Samoset Resort
Quarterly eMOLT Administration Meeting Minutes
(or what we discussed, things we learned, and notes taken over the course of the forum weekend)

Present: Bonnie, Jeremy, Erin, Patrice, DaveC, and Jim

  1. We now all agree that we will no longer attempt to hold our quarterly admin meetings during another event such as the MaLA Weekend or the Maine Fishermens Forum ... too much going on and too many distractions.  Holding the meeting on a day either side of these events doesn't work either because we are all too tired.
  2. We decided that we will get together soon (in the last half of March), possibly the same day as a ventless trap project meeting.  Jim will not be able to make a meeting between 22-26 March.
  3. One topic of discussion at this meeting will be the Phase V and what we would like to ask for in terms of a "Realtime Temperature Probe". The general consensus so far seems to be that it will be best to get a multitude of  relative inexpensive probes as oppose to just a few high tech fancy probes.  It may be that we ask for a combination of a single high tech probe (for demonstration purposes), dozens of realtime probes, along with a set of our traditional type probes?
  4. From now on, if  Jim is going to download data at during the MaLA weekend, the  MFF, or any other event,   if any documentation is available prior to the event it should be sent to him as soon as possible so he has time to check it and will be prepared when downloading time arrives.
  5. Many fishermen asked to get  replacement probes so that they could swap out with those deployed and not to miss any data while the probes go through the mail & processing procedure.  This is good news!  The fishermen want the probes in the water as much as possible.  Unfortunately we do not have a sufficient inventory to do this but we should strive to get to that point in the future.
  6. Bonnie's phase IV  program will be modified slightly. Since we did not adequately budget compensation to fishermen (ie we can't really ask some fishermen to deploy multiple temperature probes across isobaths without paying them) we decided that we would use the money slotted for multiple temperature probes and buy a smaller amount of pressure-temperature probes. Jim will work on a VEMCO purchase order and send it to GoMLF.
  7. Some good suggestions heard from fishermen during/after eMOLT seminar about the drifter program:
    1. We should expand our outreach efforts to the LFA34 in Nova Scotia by publishing in the "Hook, Line, and Thinker" and the "Sou'wester".  We will discuss who and how to do this at our next meeting
    2. make top of buoy with cones to deter seagulls
    3. shrink wrap AXTracker
    4. contact NOAA weather for broadcast on drifters
    5. electric tape bottom of the sails so they don't slip off
  8. A total of seven DELA and two MaLA temperature records were downloaded during the forum but Jim may not be able to get to them until next week.  He will wait for completed documentation.
  9. Two new participants  John Melquist and CP joined us from Mid-Coast Maine.  These are serious participants ready to try downloading their own data with readers.  Erin suggested that they keep one probe for fixed site eMOLT purposes and one probe for their experimenting.  Erin will enter their contact info, probe numbers, and reader ids on line?  These are good additions given that they fish in deep water.
  10. I have decided that I will  start writing a book of  short stories on our experiences working with New England lobstermen.  The first draft of the first chapter will be distributed at the next admin meeting.  I have a felling that there will be as many  funny stories to tell as there are drifters to wash ashore.
  11. The prototype  "SMCCeMOLT Model II" drifter will be deployed off Gloucester on about 23 March.  If it works,  another  purchase order  from the GoMLF needs to go to AeroAstro for at least four more for the June deployment.
  12. We have already got inquiries regarding production of more  "SMCCeMOLT" drifters from folks at  the Stellwagen Sanctuary, University of Southern Maine, Woods Hole Oceanographic, FSRS, and the Bedford Institute of Oceanography.  We need to discuss how we will handle this call at our next admin meeting.
  13. I talked with "Pike" from Friendship Trap.  He may be interested in making temperature probes a standard issue.  Can you imagine?

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