Tasks to Association and Industry Reps

As Discussed at June 25 eMOLT meeting

By July 31, 2002, each association in cooperation with their industry representatives will:

Contact all project participants who are participating through association and collect the following information:

1. Do they still have the probe (and reader?) that they were issued?
2. Do they want to continue to participate in the program?

3. Get up-to date contact information:
  •  mailing address
  •  phone number
  •  email
  • 4. Is the probe currently deployed?
    5. Do they have waterproof logsheets or Thistle Box to document deployment?
  • NO:
  • have they kept track of the location and depth of probe?
  • Has the probe been moved during deployment?
  • Make arrangements to get logbook pages to them
  • YES:
  • have they made a logbook entry or entry into Thistle box each time the trap with the probe is hauled?
  • You may suggest that they mark the string or trap with the probe so that they know when the trap with the probe has been hauled
  • 6. Verify the probe # (if possible)
    7.  Has the  probe has already been read: 8. Do they have reader? 9. Do they have a Thistle Box? 10. Schedule a time to download data from probe at either:

    For further information contact: James.Manning@noaa.gov

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