Thanks alot for coming to the meeting. Hope it was worth it for you.

I realize the content of the meeting was a little dry because I had to go over the protocol  and some of you have already heard it.  I needed to get everything down on paper (handouts). Hopefull in forthcoming meetings we can get down to good discussions on what is wrong with the protocol and how to fix it.

Here is a short summary/minutes .... let me know if I missed any important notes/discussion made.

       10:00 Hardcopy handouts & general eMOLT update/results (JiM)

       10:20 Budget Update w/hardcopy handouts(Patrice)

       10:40 Who's responsible for what in phase III (JiM)

       11:00 Association 5-min Updates on TidBit Data Downloading Experiences

       11:20 TidBit Data Downloading Sessions: cookbook procedures to follow (JiM.)        1:00  Data Documentation Options for Industry Reps

       1:30 Other Questions & discussions

        1:45 Scheduling next next quarterly meeting in Woods Hole  late September        2:15 adjourned


I put the ONSET BoxCar 3.7 software in the mail to Jeremy & Charlene on June28th.

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