Table I. Fisheries groups that will be informed about eMOLT drifter project with  PowerPoint presentations at one of their meetings all prior to any drifters arriving in their waters in 2004.
Group Contact phone Date  Location  eMOLT representative responsible 
Cobscocook Bay Fisheries Association DELA
BoatUS ?
Mass Assoc of Yacht Clubs ?
Commodores Assoc ?
Cobscocook Bay Resource Center DELA
Urchin Zone Council DELA
Lobster Advisory Council  Mar 30 GoMLF
East Coast Pelagic Association GoMLF
Lobster Zone  G Council  Mar 15 GoMLF
Lobster Zone  E Council Mar 31 GoMLF
Lobster Zone D Council Apr 6 GoMLF
Lobster Zone C Council Apr 7 GoMLF
Lobster Zone B Council Apr 8 DELA
Lobster Zone A Council Apr 12  DELA
Boston Harbor Lobstermen's Association Apr 7 Rafaels MaLA
Recreational Fishermen's Alliance Mike Dobly MaLA
Mass Harbormaster's Association Greg Vane? Apr 8 MaLA
Mass Bay Groundfish Assoc. Eddie Barrett/
Apr 22 Pier44
P'town Commercial Fishermen Phil Marchard? Apr 3 Ptown MaLA
Stellwagon Bank Charter Fishermen's Association Tom Depersia? Apr 6 Marshfield MaLA
Stellwagon Bank Marine Sanctuary Committees Ben Haskell Apr 12 MaLA
Massachusetts Fishermen's Partnership D Bergeron 978-282-4847 MaLA
Northeast  Seafood Coalition Jacki O'Dell 978-283-9992  MaLA
Gulf of Maine Fishermen's Alliance MaLA
East Coast Tuna Association Rich Ruiz MaLA
Coastal Conservation Association GoMLF
Fish Festivals (6) GoMLF
New England Aquarium MaLA
Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen's Association Paul Parker MaLA
Outer Cape Lobstermen's Association Steve Smith MaLA
South Shore Lobstermen's Association John Carver Apr 5 MaLA
Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance GoMLF
Associated Fisheries of Maine GoMLF
Gulf of Maine Research Institute GoMLF
Lobster Institute Bob Bayer 23 Apr GoMLF
Island Institute GoMLF
Maine Fishermen's Cooperative GoMLF
Maine Fishermens Forum Mar 4-6 NOAA
Maine Lobstermen Association Apr 12 Damascotta GoMLF


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