Condensed Instructions for eMOLT  participants (18 December 2001)
(Please refer to "Getting Started Manual for Participants" at emolt.html  for details)

1)  Secure the probe (already  programmed to collect data and inserted within a film canister  to protect it) with  tie-wrap and deploy at a site:

2) For each haul of the string that has a temperature probe attached to one of its traps,  fill out one line of a spreadsheet (using a package like Microsoft Works or attached worksheet) as in the examples below:

Example Spreadsheet for Documenting the Deployments
Serial#  Setting#  Deployment Latitude Longitude date & time-set  date & time hauled Depth(Fth) Number of pots/string #kept #eggers # shorts
566 01 TA01 40 59.8 67 33.2 2001040112 2001041000 100 10 100 20 30
566 02 TA01 40 59.8 67 33.2 2001041000 2001042512 100 10 50 40 20
344 01 TA02 41 00.1 68 22.0 2001040123 2001041210 80 10 123 15 40

3) After the probe has been deployed for a few months,  contact your  association representative (either  Patrice farrey, Bonnie Spinazzola, Dave Casoni, or Clare Grindal).  They will help you  a) get the data off the probe, b) verify you have documented the deployment properly, c) reinitialize for another deployment, and d) give you instructions on how to conduct this operation yourself. You may also contact Jim Manning (508-495-2211,  at any time with questions and schedule data analysis/discussion sessions.

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