Unusually large pertubation of the Gulf Stream penetrates the southern side of Georges Bank ...

On May 3rd 2001, I received an interesting email  from  Bob Colbert:

"I just got in from a trip on the Miss Julie and we have a pretty impressivw eddie out there!  71.2 - 73.1 degrees!!! We also went through the break and in the course of 300-400 feet the temp would chaange 25 - 26 degrees!!! I can't wait to see how deep it goes and how long ot will sstay around. Any info on it?? We also had one night with 40 knots of wind when they only fcst 10 to 15. I was so surprised I called my friend at the weather service in Taunton to ask him what was going on and they did not have a clue, actually he had a hard time believing we were seeing that wind speed. I mentioned the eddie and he said he did not know how that would effect things but I think it had something to do with it. He said it was an interesting theory! "
A  few days later, Marc Palombo reports:
"I did not see that much, the highest I saw was 68.2 (surface temp).  We caught a swordfish wrapped up in our buoy line about 50 fathoms down the buoy line last trip.  It sure seemed awful early to be seeing swordfish, so when I heard about this  warm eddy it all made sense."
Back in early April 2001, the Gulf Stream began a large  meander.   By mid-April, there were sections of the Gulf Stream actually flowing  southwestward!  In the first few sunny days of May, the meander had turned into a hammerhead formation with twin eddys on its northern and southern sides (thanks to Rutgers site).  Similar pictures from the John Hopkin's site from 3 May depicted the hammerhead large  and  small  scale.  We look forward to documenting the effect of this event on the southern flank of Georges.   Colbert, Palombo, and Cote have several probes deployed in the vicinity of this Gulf Stream perturbation. Palombo has returned data from this period and documented a rise in  bottom temperature of 6-7 degrees F over the period of a few days (49 to 56F) beginning on the 26th of April  and then a return to normal temperatures by the first of May.

In mid-may, I notified two scientific research parties (Christian Reiss w/ODU on ALBIV and Jon Moore w/Monk Fish survey on Mary K) of this event and sent them out with various zoomed in images like that of 12 May,

Note, you can always follow the status of this event and other like it by checking out the sites mentioned above .

For further information contact: James.Manning@noaa.gov

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