eMOLT  administrator plans as of July 2001
  1. order SEABIRD Microcats, water samplers, and 48 additional ONSET readers (16? readers with year one money, 32 with year two)
  2. make phone calls to each participant to make sure they are a) clear on "documenting the deployment", b) interested in a reader,  c) have entered a mailing addresses, and d) understand how they will get data off their probe
  3. make personal visit to those participants that are interested in a) having their own ONSET reader and/or b) deploying SEABIRD salinity probe
  4. update project spending sheet  under "how the money is spent" section of the administrators manual
  5. issue $5k checks to each association as specified in year two proposal
  6. update "Who is responsible for what aspect of the work?" section of the administrators manual
  7. plan eMOLT database meeting with McCarron in July to streamline data processing steps
  8. plan eMOLT administrators meeting in August
  9. plan eMOLT first annual eMOLT meeting in the fall
  10. get list of all upcoming association meetings
  11. select and train individual to conduct on-site SEABIRD training this fall
  12. update website according to user feedback
  13. deploy/demonstrate VEMCO fast temperature response probe to any interested participants



For further information contact: James.Manning@noaa.gov

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