Summary of 28 August eMOLT meeting w/Manning, Spinazzola, and McCarron
Bonnie will:
  -gather 28 probes from her participants
  -deploy the collection of probes together in an ice bath over night prior
   to downloading the data to check for probe-to-probe offset
  -email manning with attached dft files (tXXXYYZZ.dft)
  -either attach the "documentation of deployments" in spreadsheet form to
   the email mentioned above OR enter the information on the web
  -either attach the "people" information in spreadsheet form to the email
   mentioned above OR enter the information on the web
  -based on the completeness of participants "documentation", inquire and
   choose another potential phaseII participant to deploy Microcat/salinity
   along with Palombo
  -add Manning to AOLA newsletter mailing list
  -invoice GOMLF for additional $2k admin for phase I work
  -invoice GOMLF for $5K admin for phase II work
  -invoice GOMLF for $2k for phase II lobstermen reimbursement?
  -drop off 3 broken probes at ONSET

McCarron will:

  -1) let Manning know when he is visiting TPMC so he might meet him for eMOLT discussions
  -2) choose someone from the MeLA to accept $10k admin to conduct eMOLT work by devoting a couple days per month for a few years
  -3) send Manning the  Tripp & Keane data
  -4) either attach the "people" information in spreadsheet form mentioned above OR enter the information on the web
  -5) send and/or deliver ~10 probes to Manning (or Casoni) to be used as "extra"  MaLA probes
  -6) include notice in September and October MaLA newsletters about a) either sending in probes or attending meetings with probes and b) importance of  "documenting the deployment"
  -7) attend Sept 12 (MaLA) and Sept 19 (MeLA) meetings?
  -8) attend the Oct 3rd NEC meeting
  -9) order 8 Microcats to be delivered in early October
  -10) order 4 Niskin bottles to be delivered in early October
  -11) order 12+24=36 ONSET readers and x probes where "x" is the number of probes equivalent to Bonnie's 4+8=12 readers
  -12) exchange items returned to ONSET for $ or equipment
  -13) generate a spreadsheet on eMOLT spending and either send it to Manning with each update or post it on another web site for eMOLT administrators
  -14) order Palm computers for eMOLT reps (Casoni,MeLA, and DELA)?

Manning will:

  -develop training manual for phase II salinity and prepare session for
  -attend Sept 12 (MaLA) and Sept 19 (MeLA) meetings
  -attend the Oct 3rd NEC meeting
  -train father 2-3 days in eMOLT probe use/software installation
  -send father on further 1-2 week trip training interested participants
   on probe use/software installation
  -maintain database


    monthly meetings?

    TPMC take over?
    MaineLA? Patrice?

    update accounting
      breakdown by association
      PCS or Palms?
      $5k checks to associations
      $1k checks to phaseII participants

    order more readers? (16 w/year one $ & 32 w/year two $)

    emolt_people Spreadsheet or Web?
      DMR probes?
      DELA probes?
      75 probes unaccounted for?
    emolt_set speadsheet or web?

    Keane & Tripp
      temperature data?
        dft or txt custom exported form?

    web entry not fully tested often find problems

    Training/software installations
      Sept or Oct or both
      48 readers 
      cell phone use
      organized meetings
      notify in Newsletter
    order Niskins w/messenger?

    hardcopy spreadsheet never made?

    web site changes needed?

    Oct 3 NEC meeting?

    Extra probes from year 2000 purchase?

    Fast Temperature Probe available

    Microcat deployment to best documentation people
    Responsibilities for Phase II?

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