How to attach files to an email:

Each mail utility program is different but  they all allow the user to "attach" files to a message. After you have finished "composing" your message as you normally would with an email, attach the files in one of the following ways:

  1. click on the paper clip icon which is a symbol for attaching files
  2. click on the menu option for attaching files (which may be part of a drop-down options at the top of your screen)
Regardless of which method you use, you will then need to specify the file(s) you want to attach. The attachment "dialog box" will start out in a particular folder (or "directory") but you will need to tell it to look in the particular directory on your hard drive where the data was automatically  stored.   In the case of the ONSET TidBit probes, for example, tell it to look in "c:\bxcrpro3" directory (or something like that). After you have specified the correct directory, you should see the list of files in that directory. The files that end "dtf" are those you will be attaching. These are the files that were automatically generated in the "Downloading Data" steps documented elsewhere.  Notice that these "dtf" (binary) files have particular conventions.  The file "t3950201", for example, is the 2nd redeployment of  the probe with serial number "0395" and was taken at site #1. .

Note:  If you are using the spreadsheet method of "documenting the deployment", the "spreadsheet file" (which includes a row with the station information for this particular deployment) must also be attached. See the section on "Documenting  the Data with each Setting"  to see what I mean by "spreadsheet file".

Note: I am using the term "deployment" to represent a time series of data at one location and the term "setting" to represent the segment of that deployment as downloaded in a separate file.

Note: This is a draft of  "How to attach files to an email".  Please let me know what parts are not clear so that I can revise it for the next person that looks at it.

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