eMOLT Protocol
Version 3.0

Last Modified  30 Aug 2006

  • Who should participate?
  • Who is responsible for what?
  • Ordering Probes and Probe Companys
  • Probe Comparisons
  • On Processing Batches of Data
  • On outreach procedure

    Who should participate?

    Click  here  for a list of criteria in deciding which lobstermen should participate.  While we are no longer actively recruiting individuals (given sufficient numbers of interested participants), we will not turn away those who show serious interest in collecting good data. Given our limited resources,  we should probably refrain from actively recruiting new temperature/salinity probe participants.  If someone approaches us, seems genuinely interested,  fishes in a location different from other participants, is known by at least one eMOLT rep as being a reliable data collector, and we have extra probes then yes,  but we should limit the number of new participants at least until we find additional support funding.
    Who is responsible for what? Ordering Probes and Probe Companys

    There is so far six different vendors we have investigated.  We have the most experience, in earlier years,  with VEMCO, inc who designed their "Minilog" line exactly for this purpose and we will continue to follow the development of their probes.   To see detail  information on VEMCO minilogs, the ONSET 's StowAway TidbiT ,the Icelandic Star-Oddi 's Data Storage Tag 200 below, YSI 6000 ,  Lotek LTD series, and SEABIRD Microcat probes click here.

    Probe Comparisons
    Extensive testing of various probes is conducted both in the field, off the dock, and in the NMFS Aquarium in Woods Hole. The results of these experiments is documented and updated continually elsewhere.
    On processing batches of  temperature data

    On Outreach Procedure

    We want  to encourage all  participants to get their temperature probes in the water and document the deployments  accordingly.  Questions one might ask participants are:


    For further information contact: James.Manning@noaa.gov

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