Alex Brown's results from the field
Alex Brown

To see a time series of temperature as collected by participants, click  on:

Site Probe SN Setting
AB01 7332 Summer 2001
987 Summer 2002
987 Summer 2003
987 Summer 2004
987 Summer 2005
572327 Summer 2006
572327 Summer 2007
3683 Summer 2008
3683 Summer 2009
3683 Summer 2010
3683 Summer 2011vs catch data
3683Summer 2012
5641Summer 2013
5641Summer 2014
4918Summer 2015
4918Summer 2016annual means

Footnote: In Summer 2001, we noted some interesting changes in the amplitude of  the tidal cycle  at site AB01 (7fth MHW). Zooming in closer we see the degree of variation possible at this near-thermocline site. The same thing happened in 2002 (8fth MHW) and again in 2011. The cold year, 2003, resulted in much less variations. In 2008, there was an extended period when the bottom water was capped but eventually it flipped to be the warmest year.
Catch vs temperature plots are available at AB01 for several years. The plot for 2004, for example, shows some correlations but more years are needed to quantify the relationship.

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