Steps to Processing ALB & DEL SCS data
  • run "prepdata.plx" script which
    • make directories
    • copies .aco files to data6
    • rids commas in data files and makes .new files (subsstring.plx)
    • rids of problems in the albatross gbs file (ridbadlines.plx)
    • appends this cruise to the master list "cruise/alongtrack_table.html"
    • makes template .log and .html files to work from
      • add the range and delta criteria to html log
      • adds the chief sci and et name to html log
    • in matlab type "procescs"
  • keep adding to cruise/ZZXXYY.html file on cruise-specific problems.
  • load into ORACLE
    • modify /data6/ship/newcruise.dat file to have new cruise names
    • run "prep_for_oracle_ship_data.m"
    • run sqlldr ocdbs/hydro control=ship_data.ctl
    • check data access
  • notify chief sci
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